Until I’d Go Through Anything

Me. I. My.

How many stinking times a day do I say these words? When will I get it through my head that it’s not about me?

Evangelist Todd White uses the illustration of orange juice vs. apple juice. You would think it pretty strange if you squeezed an orange and you found apple juice. It should be equally strange when the circumstances of life squeeze a Christian and anything but Christ comes out.

Life has done a whole lot of squeezing me lately. Are people getting a bunch of Jesus from me? Or are they getting a bunch of: Me. I. My.?

When work gets hard, do people hear me complaining and backstabbing, or do they see me face the challenge with humility and courage? When multiple doctors tell me that they can’t help me, and the journey drags on much longer than I ever thought possible; do those around find me hopeless, depressed and angry, or do they see a testimony of courage under fire?


How much do I really love Jesus?

Do I love Him just enough to pray that He would “bless” me with that new car, but I could do without the diabetes? Do I love Him just enough that I would gladly accept that new promotion, but He doesn’t dare ask me to accept the loss of a job?

Is my life really about whatever it takes to become like Jesus and show Him to a hurting world, or under the surface has a pity party turned on the music?

I have come to find that I don’t really love Jesus until I’d go through anything for His glory. Anything less, and I just really love ME.

Could you accept with grace whatever comes your way today? Is your life surrendered to HIS will, no matter what…no matter who…no matter where life might take you? Decide now.

Would you go through anything that would bring Him glory?


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