The Shampoo Bottle

We see miracles of provision in the midst of obedience, not before.


Whoever said that following Jesus makes life easier has clearly never followed Jesus. Plain and simple.

Is it worth it? Absolutely…5,000%.

Life goes through seasons, and every difficult season is difficult for a different reason. Sometimes life is difficult because of choices we have made and we must pay the consequences. Other times things are difficult because of circumstances we find ourselves in that are not our fault. Other times life is difficult because God has entrusted us with much because He wants to prove His great strength and faithfulness.

I’m currently in that third one.

Can I say right now that I am so thankful for the journey; for God’s wisdom in how He leads us and orders the events in our lives? I’m so thankful that God often didn’t answer my prayers the way I wanted Him to, that He put up with my stubbornness and gently led me along the best path, even though I couldn’t see how it could possibly be good. I am learning that He truly does know best, but it’s a humbling process to not only realize that I’m not in control, but to also understand that I really don’t know what’s best. Oh how much more I see my need for Him now!

I pretty much feel every day that I can’t handle everything that I have been given. From early in the morning until late at night I zip from here to there, and most of the time I’m in charge of whatever I’m doing and there are people looking to me for leadership. To me, that’s intimidating. In the past, it’s been paralyzing, and I’d be lying if I said the temptation to freeze mid-step isn’t constantly there. What keeps me going? Grace. Beautiful, wonderful, faithful grace from God. It’s a supernatural kind of strength. It’s wisdom flowing at just the right time.

I have this shampoo bottle that I almost threw away over a month ago. It seemed like it was empty, but since I’m the type of person to try to get the very last drop out of everything I use, I couldn’t bear the thought of throwing it away as long as I could still get something out of it. So I have kept using it. Every day. For over a month.

There is no scientific reason why shampoo should still be coming out of this bottle. It really is my little miracle, and every day I take a shower and find shampoo still coming out of the bottle, I am reminded that this is how God’s strength works – best in weakness, more fully when there is nothing left of ourselves to give. Somehow in those moments, God still keeps giving. And it makes no rational sense at all.

Yesterday I was reading the story of the feeding of the five thousand. I learned once again that we see miracles of provision in the midst of obedience, not before. Jesus didn’t pray over the loaves and the fish to suddenly see a thousand baskets full of food appear before them. The disciples had to begin to hand out the fish and loaves, probably expecting a riot when five people were fed and the rest became jealous. However, they kept giving…and giving…and giving…and what on earth, Jesus? There’s still more here. And how in the world did we have more afterward than what we started with?

Well, guys, that simply how it works.

I just want to remind you today to keep pressing on. If God has called you to the position you are in, He is faithful to give you everything you need to do it – but He won’t do it until you are emptied of yourself and are totally dependent on Him coming through. Step out when you can’t see the ground beneath your next step. I don’t understand how He does it, but He always comes through. Always. Did I mention always?

Be blessed today!

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