More Than Enough

We say we want to see miracles, but we never want to be in need. We say we want to see God’s supernatural hand, but we never want to be lacking in any way.


Just how strong is God? Just how many times will He come through?

Whether we want to admit it or not, these questions tempt us to bail when we are faced with the decision to be obedient or walk away. I didn’t realize how much I struggled in the area of faith until the end of July when I started my position at the church. I began a season that requires intense trust, wisdom, and perseverance. Have I done these things well every time? Probably not…but I have discovered that where my ability ends, His begins.

I guess today I am sharing a testimony.

I have found myself in more moments in the last two months than ever before where I have had to step up and do something that I knew I did not have in my hands what I needed to see it through. I had no idea how things would tun out in the end. The only thing I was sure about was that God had called me to do it, and that was all I needed to know.

It has been in these moments where I have seen God supernaturally bring people around me, or give me supernatural energy, or bring financial provision, or…so many other things. The other day God asked me, “Have I ever not come through? Then trust Me through this next thing too. Just get up and do what I have asked you to do.”

This past Sunday night, God brought to fruition a dream that He planted in my heart a year ago for an authentic acoustic worship service. It was a time of simply singing and enjoying His presence, and it required being able to sing for over an hour straight. A lot of work went into the practice and preparation for it, but two days before the event I felt a cold coming on. The day of the event arrived and my voice was nearly non-existent.

I knew that God wanted this event to happen, so cancelling was not an option. Then the sweet moment came on a drive with God in my car. He spoke sweetly to my soul, “I’m going to take away everything that could possibly make you think that this event happened because of YOU. I want it to be about ME, and I want there to be no room for question.” And that’s what He did. I began singing, and my voice held through the end of the service. My friend singing with me was fantastic. God showed up and all of us were blessed. God’s 100% record of faithfulness held, and it was beautiful. Oh…and it was all HIM.

We say we want to see miracles, but we never want to be in need. We say we want to see God’s supernatural hand, but we never want to be lacking in any way. The truth is, we have to be willing to be put in tough situations for the sake of obedience. We have to be willing to be weak. God wants to make it obvious to a watching world that He’s more than enough for any need that we could ever face, and that He will come through on His Word every time.

Do you need an extra boost of encouragement to trust Him today? Whatever situation you are facing, focus on the Word He has spoken over your situation. Has He ever not come through? Then you can trust Him with this one too.

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