The Younger Me

One thing I have noticed in looking back, is that I didn’t do it all wrong by any stretch of the imagination.


“What would you go back and say to the younger you in college?”

Oh conversations over Korean food and Baskin Robbins ice cream. Today has been a blast from the past. I spent the morning with one of my closest friends from college and the afternoon wandering around my college campus, reminiscing over old memories and talking to faculty members that I hadn’t seen in years. I have had the opportunity to spend the past couple nights with one of my best friends from college, and as we talked, we remembered that time….that awkward time called college.

And what would I say to myself back then? So many things. I was so ignorant then, but I will probably have a few words for myself again a few years down the road. Thank goodness we can keep on learning and growing. Thank goodness that in some ways I am not the girl I was in college. So here are some things that I would tell the younger me if I could:

  1. Focus your energy on becoming an awesome woman, and spend way less energy on boys.
  2. You’re worthy of the right kind of attention. You don’t need to beg for it from people who…how else do I put this? Don’t deserve it.
  3. Lighten up, dude.
  4. Hang out with your friends instead of always being alone in your room feeling sorry for yourself. Stop being lame.
  5. You should probably do your homework. Actually reading the material makes the test much easier.

However, one thing I have noticed in looking back, is that I didn’t do it all wrong by any stretch of the imagination. I definitely don’t look back with total regret, or even mostly regret. It is a temptation to think that I was all ignorant back then and that I am so much wiser now, but I have to give myself credit for doing the best I knew how with what I had. So, despite all those negative “pieces of advice” I would give myself, I would also say this:

  1. I’m proud of you for being brave in so many ways when you wanted to shrink back in fear. You chased after what was important to you 100% of the time, and you were pretty darn courageous.
  2. I’m proud of how you sought the heart of Jesus with everything you had and how you wanted His will, even when it made you mad. You never refused to do anything you knew He wanted you to do.
  3. You were a good and loyal friend…you always did the best you could for your friends, even when it hurt. You always wanted people to feel loved.
  4. You were a hard worker. You held down three jobs while going to college full-time, traveling part-time with a music group and carrying an internship in a neighboring town.
  5. You made some really good connections with some stellar people. You had good taste in mentors and godly role models.

What a strange thing it is to look back and to truly take a look at things as they were, or at least how I remember they were. For me, this day has been a great experience. So I’m curious…what would you say to the younger you? What advice would you give? What compliments would you give? Please comment!

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  1. I would probably tell myself:

    “One day, you will see. You will see His faithfulness and that it was all worth it. Just follow where He leads.”

    “Your worth is not dependent on how people treat you, even though it hurts. Hurt people hurt people.”

    “Stop relying on your emotions. They are indicators not dictators.”

    “Walk in your uniqueness, stop running from it. Be who God made you to be.”

    The things I would applaud myself on:

    “You are stubborn about becoming a better musician. That is working to your advantage. Keep going. Music does not make you but it is your niche.”

    “Your observation skills are awesome. Still being honed, for sure, but you see the small things in life. Keep enjoying them even if people don’t understand.”


    1. Love this! Wonderful stuff! I would add…you are a great friend


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