Do It Anyway

It is only in obedience that we discover we have everything we need to live out the calling we have received.


I think God brings us through seasons of special challenge, where everything we come up against is an impossibility. We face the choice to shrink back into safety, or take that leap into the deep end of His miraculous story. From one day to the next and from one moment to the next we face one fear to the next. Insecurities that we did not even know existed come to haunt us while we are awake and while we are asleep. However, the choice remains, and we truly do have the power to make the decision to press on or give in to the paralysis that fear readily offers us with outstretched hands.

When I first came back to the United States, I didn’t experience a ton of culture shock. However, what overwhelmed me more than anything were all the responsibilities that flooded both my mind and my inbox immediately upon returning. I can’t even begin to describe the anxiety that I sought every day to overcome as I took it one step at a time, knowing that every step forward was making me two steps behind in many other things. But I kept going anyway. I kept chipping away at it anyway. I have been in the States for almost three months now, and I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, though I still feel behind in many things.

As I think about the future, I realize that this season, as ultimately good as it has been, has opened the door to doubt in my life. I wonder in everything if I can do it. Even things as simple as driving or counting back change have hit me like a wave of fear almost every time I have done them. However, I am a stubborn soul and I am a fighter, and I believe that God has placed a specific resolve in my heart in this season in the midst of it all: do it anyway. Do I doubt if I can do it? Do it anyway. Do I feel like I have insufficient strength for the task at hand? Do it anyway. Do I feel like I can’t keep up? Do it anyway. Do I think that I might fail? Do it anyway. Do it anyway. Do it anyway.

I think a lot of our courage must come back to faith. I think about the future that God has shown me for my life, running an organization and inspiring social change. That’s overwhelming, and the reason that’s overwhelming is because I was never meant to overcome that goal. I was never meant to figure out how to get there. My responsibility is to live out today to the utmost, and trust God to bring me to where I need to be tomorrow. I have not yet been given the grace I need to run an organization; however, I have been given the grace I need to attend my meetings, write my articles, and edit my pictures today. It may seem small and insignificant, but there is enough to overcome today – I can’t live out the future too. So I will face each challenge and each fear today with the resolve to do it anyway. And tomorrow I will do the same.

What big challenge are you facing right now in your life? Does it seem impossible? Do you doubt your abilities? Here is my challenge to you: resolve to live out TODAY with courage, and as each challenge presents itself and fear rears it ugly head, decide to do it anyway. It is only in obedience that we discover we have everything we need to live out the calling we have received.

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