As many times as I have looked at the future that God has shown me and said, “I could never do that,” He has responded with, “I know,” and gets to work, growing me and refining me with each new challenge.

I’m excited. If you saw my To-Do list today, you would be asking me, “Why are you excited?” Believe me, it has to come from Jesus.

This season in my life has been the most challenging season I have walked through, maybe ever. More than anything, this season has challenged my perseverance and trust. I have always believed that we work in partnership with God; that we expect great things from God, but that doesn’t mean we simply sit back on our beach chairs and wait for Him to respond. We must take action as well and prepare our fields for harvest. And while that is absolutely true, I don’t know that I realized how much I have to depend on God to even do my part, because lately I have not had the strength.

The reason I am excited is because I see glimpses of what God is doing and preparing me for along the way, and I believe this season has an incredible purpose in His plan. One of the many purposes that I am seeing so clearly today is that God is the One working the ground of my heart, preparing it for a harvest.

I am having to do so many things that I have never done before, face fears and insecurities that I have never dealt with before, complete a greater task list than I have handled before, and preach more than I have ever preached before. And while I definitely have moments when the tears fall, it has been without a doubt God’s hand that has held me together.

All this hurts and it is highly uncomfortable…and I am definitely not doing it perfectly. That is where He shows me His grace as He is tilling the ground. Although I don’t know much about farming or gardening, Wikipedia has taught me a thing or two. While tilling has many benefits, two of these benefits I read about are: 1. It increases the soil’s ability to hold water and nutrients and 2. It kills weeds.

The greater work that God is doing in my life is increasing the capacity of my faith and my ability to handle the responsibility of ministry. As many times as I have looked at the future that God has shown me and said, “I could never do that,” He has responded with, “I know,” and gets to work, growing me and refining me with each new challenge.

He is also killing the weeds in my life – the things that get in the way of the greater work He wants to do in me and through me. These weeds come in many forms, such as pride, inconsistency, laziness, fear, self-reliance, and the need for control. While those things sound ugly (and they are), they are common problems for all of us, but enemies of faith. If I want to live the life that God has dreamed for me to live, then these things must be uprooted and thrown out of my life.

Are you in a place right now where God is tilling your fields? Are you being stretched? Are things being dug up in your life? Get excited and press through! That means a harvest is coming!


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