27’s not an even number.

It’s not even that significant to most, but it is to me. It is to me today.

As I thank God this morning for 27 beautiful years of life on this earth, I realize how rich that beauty really is.

For surely beauty came from ashes and redemption from the depths of despair.

I’ve known sorrow and joy, pain and healing, fear and peace.

I’ve felt the pangs of a shattered heart.

I’ve known the celebration of an accomplished mark.

I’ve ridden the chaotic waves of change.

I’ve experienced the arrows of a lonely and longing spirit.

I’ve wrestled the angel and the demon.

I’ve fallen down and I’ve stood back up.

I’ve played with fireflies in the warm summer night’s air.

I’ve danced in flowers and magical flair.

However, none of that could ever compare

To the great joy I have known in the secret place with my Love

This Love who, though I walked away and doubted Him

Never gave up on me. He never walked away.

He taught me that I was made for more than the pit of despair.

He called me to slay dragons and storm the castle.

And I wonder why it took me so long to get it…why the hassle

Of all this humanity inside of me, all that holds me back.

Why did I live so many years in fear,

Though I didn’t even know what I was afraid of?

Why did I long so for any other lover

As if my God was not enough?

One thing I know; one thing that I have decided

That although these 27 years have been incredible

Though they have been a better adventure than I could have ever imagined,

I want more.

I want more from these next 27 than I experienced in the first.

I want to live my life with greater passion.

I want to dive deeper into the heart of the One who has captured mine.

I want to live free and set others free.

I want to kiss fear goodbye forever, and step forward in total abandon.

I want to know what it’s like to be filled every day with the Holy Spirit

And to ride the flow of His presence wherever He might take me.

I want to love others more deeply every day, and serve them with all of my heart.

I want to fall more and more in love with Christ.

I want to run faster the longer the race goes on,

Because time is short and life is short.

And there is a broken world to put back together.

There are desperate eyes in every corner, and hope can be hard to find.

After the long hard fight, I found it…I finally found Hope in all His splendor.

And I know that He’s not only for me.

You see, we slayed the dragon…that ugly dragon, only to find that victory is sweeter and sweeter

Each time I see another find it too.

Oh 27…you’re not an even number, but even you show me that life is sweet.

Sweet because the dance goes on

Sweet because the music gets better as time travels on

Sweet because the hands that bore the ugliness in me to the cross

Have carried me through it all, and always will.

So here’s to another 27 of MORE.

More love, more passion, more abandon, more courage.

Here’s to being fearless.

Here’s to being free.

Here’s to not letting another day pass by without sharing it with others.

Because that day I stand before God, I want Him to say “Well Done.”

I want Him to call me faithful…may the grace Christ gives me make me faithful.

You see, it’ll be worth it all. It already is.


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