Since October I have been having trouble with my two big toes. In November I went to go see a rheumatologist and I was told that I had pulled tendons in both my toes. About 3 weeks ago, however, my left toe became infected and we noticed that my nail was discolored (plus some other gross stuff). We went to the doctor and he initially believed that we could save my toenail, but this past Tuesday he took one look at it and said it had to go. I talked him into waiting three days, as we were headed into our debrief meetings and I couldn’t be off my feet. More than anything, I was terrified and needed time to process. In the midst, I discovered that my other toenail was headed in the same direction. Like, really?

Yesterday my team prayed for my feet, that I would not have to have my toenails removed, but I went into last night really worried. I couldn’t sleep for hours as I tried to work through everything in my mind. Finally, God brought my thoughts around to how good He has been in this whole process and how I might praise Him even in the midst of what to some may seem like nothing, but to me was a big deal. I finally fell asleep as I rested in those thoughts.

This morning, God surprised me as I woke up and literally all fear was gone. I was ready. He showed me how He supernaturally brought peace to my tormented heart. As I walked into the doctor’s office this afternoon to have the procedure done, my stomach was filled with nervousness and I prayed that God would walk with me. To my surprise again, the doctor took one look at my toes and said, “They look better!” Upon further examination, he decided that the infection is improving and that he would not take my toenails today. Could there have been more joy in my heart in that moment? Not possible. God heard and answered the prayers of my team and other friends that were praying that He would heal me.

Although things are still on the mend and not perfect yet, I am praising God that in three days the doctor’s first reaction went from, “We need to take this toenail now” to “It’s better! I won’t take them today!” Also, like God always does, He took care of me emotionally as well. He brought me peace. I am just so thankful for how good He is, and I want to give Him all the glory!


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