Undying Passion

Prayer for Leaders

This past Saturday we had our official hand-off meeting with our main leaders. We gave them their responsibilities such as youth leader, children’s director, worship leader, etc. and gave over the reigns for all of our Bible Studies. Except for David and I transitioning out of worship team, everything else is being led and directed by leaders. At the end of our hand-off time, the pastors had the leaders make a circle and we as missionaries made a circle around them. Each one of us missionaries had the opportunity to pray over the group, and it was an incredibly emotional and spirit-filled time. The word I received from God to share with them was this: There are fires that never die. That has been my prayer for them, that this fiery passion they have for Christ and His service would never die; that the light would never go out.

I think one of the things I will miss most about Ambato is the worship time. There is a kind of electricity that is generated when everyone begins to sing together, the words of the songs so real they could touch them. Weeks and months ago, many of them did not know Christ, but now they do and their lives are entirely transformed. Their relationship with Him is real. This electricity is the best way I can describe the movement of Holy Spirit’s presence. It’s powerful. Through them and my team, God has taught me how to worship and to fall in love with His presence.

As I speak to our leaders about what it means to have an undying passion for Christ, I feel Him calling me to the same. A month from today our contract ends, and a month from next Monday I will board a plane and begin the next chapter of my life. God has been speaking to me A LOT about my calling in this next phase of life; not Idaho, but rather my time in Nebraska and many other states that He is leading me to. It is not just a filler time, but an opportunity I have to bring His presence with me everywhere I go. More than fundraising, He has been speaking to me about my calling to connect people to Him in worship. The most important thing I can do with my life is lead people to Christ and show them what it means to truly have a relationship with Him.

When I thought about speaking in all these churches and meeting with all these people, I was honestly scared. I was scared until I went to God about it and He gave me a higher purpose than promoting myself or the ministry that I have been a part of the past two and a half years. He said, “These are My services and My churches. I want My people to experience Me. Your job is to point them to Me.” Pressure off. Now all I can do is pray for all the open doors He would give me, because I just want to tell all the people I can about my Jesus.

When I pray about what God would have for me this year, I sense more purpose than I ever have in the past. There is a calling to courageously step out…there is love for people who are hopeless and hurting…there is passion to call the Church to wake up to the movement of Holy Spirit and His transforming presence. Although this year will hold several huge transitions for me, I am excited to dive deeper into Jesus and to take others with me. That is my prayer: that I might know Him more and more and that through that experience, others would know Him more and more too.

I just want Him. I want an undying passion for His presence. I want an undying passion for Holy Spirit’s power. I am praying, “Lord, give me an undying passion for Your heart.”


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