Kingdom Come


“God, hold us to that which drew us first, when the Cross was the attraction, and we wanted nothing else.” –Amy Carmichael

This morning I read an amazing testimony that my friend David posted of a man that survived a horrific tunnel collapse accident a few weeks ago. He injured his leg and eyes and in the process of his pain, pulled many other injured and dead people to safety. Several days later, God healed both his eyes and his leg. This man shared his story last night in David’s Bible Study.

David posted this story on a group page we are a part of, and as I read through the comments, many things were going through my mind. A few people attacked my friend’s claim that God healed this man and my friend’s right to even mention God in the post. A couple people, however, brought up the age-old questions of why God would save one and let so many others die…what kind of God is that? And why if God saved one person’s life does He allow so many other horrific things to happen in the world, like trafficking and rape?

Those are huge questions, and I honestly have no idea why God does what He does and does not do what He does not do. I do, however, know that God is good because I know Him. I know that we live in a world where broken people have made choices to hurt others and in turn there are cycles and chains of brokenness. I know that we have an enemy that seeks to steal, kill, and destroy. And I know that we as the Church of Jesus Christ are called to rise up and be His hands and feet to a world that desperately needs hope.

The more I read about heaven, the more I understand that some things do not exist there: pain, suffering, tears, oppression, hunger, trauma, etc. While it sounds like a wonderful thing to look forward to, I have to take note that in the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught His disciples to pray, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Sounds to me like healing and taking care of broken people is pretty close to our Father’s heart. Sounds to me like a call to action.

My friend Brandon told me yesterday, “As you run toward eternity, the characteristics of eternity will become your reality.” I think of all the ways it would be easy to spend my time, looking at all the evil in the world and criticizing those who do it. Everyone wants to place the blame somewhere. However, my call is simple: love. As I run toward Jesus with all that I am, the reaction of my heart is not hatred or criticism toward anyone. Rather, I see the brokenness in the abuser; I see the trauma in the one who causes it, and I realize that God’s love for people runs much deeper than I, in my humanity, could justify. God hates evil, but He loves people, and for some crazy reason He has lovingly called us to heal the sick, raise the dead, care for the helpless, and mend the broken.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with the seriousness of this call. I realized that I desired to do whatever it takes to bring God’s Kingdom to earth, though it may make me uncomfortable, though it may cost me everything, though I may need to lay down the dreams that are so important to me. I’m tired of seeing abuse, hunger, and poverty. I’m tired of hearing about girls who are trafficked. I’m tired of seeing the pain-filled eyes of children in foster care without a loving home. I’m tired of saying that I live in a broken world, and I’m ready to say that I live in one that is healed and whole. I’m tired of hearing stories of shattered hearts and dreams, and I’m ready to tell stories of restoration and hope. It’s time for us to stop pointing fingers at the darkness and light a candle. It’s time for us to pick up our cross and follow Jesus. It’s time for us to rise up and carry our Father’s heart to the world.

Lord, may Your Kingdom come and Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. For Yours is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever. AMEN

Enjoy this song by Brandon Heath:


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