On Blessings and Burdens


“You can’t increase capacity without confrontation.” –Steven Furtick

How many people have we known that say things like, “My kids have a good school, my husband has a good job, and we have a nice house. We are so blessed”? A lot, right?

How many people do we hear say, “I have cancer. I am so blessed”? Not many. Often people talk about their struggles and say “BUT I’m so blessed.” The burden is considered an exception to the blessing instead of the blessing itself.

I wonder if our perspective would change on our circumstances if we understood things from God’s point of view. The truth of the matter is: God’s real blessings are never given to us with the purpose of making us comfortable. They are given to us with the purpose of growing us and making us more like Christ.

I would never have considered my Fibromyalgia a blessing from God, but when I look back on my journey, it has been the single greatest catalyst for growth in my life. It has been the force that has catapulted me closer to God; it has taught me about my weakness and in turn taught me about His strength. I believe that pain was never a part of God’s plan or His desire for His children. However, God is an expert in taking what the devil uses to kill us to ultimately bring out a greater good. He took the cross and turned it into a way of salvation. Why couldn’t He do the same with your circumstance?

Because of this constant battle, God has made me stronger in so many ways. Why would I give thanks to God for chronic pain? Because it has been the challenge in my life that has caused me most to grow. In God’s economy and through His redemptive hand, my Fibromyalgia has ultimately been a blessing.

God has given me a call this year of 2015. It’s more than a goal; it is a Divine challenge. Steven Furtick says, “You can’t increase capacity without confrontation.” God has moved me to confront head-on my Fibromyalgia, and this is the year when we are going to kick it in the face. I am declaring victory over what has been a real enemy in my life, because God has declared it. This is not a passive thing on my part, but a very active thing. I’m declaring war on my illness; what the enemy has tried to use to defeat me will be used for good and as a testimony of God’s power and love. I am confronting the enemy and taking back the land.

I wonder what would happen if you prayed about what God would have you confront this year? I don’t know about you, but I want my capacity for God to use me increased exponentially. I want God to move powerfully in my life, and I don’t want anything standing in the way. More than a sickness, my Fibromyalgia has signified an attitude of defeat in many areas of my life. But no more. I will live in victory in every way, and I pray the same for you as well! May God bless you this new year! May God bring you many blessings, not to make you comfortable, but to challenge you and grow your capacity for Him.


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