True Ownership


I believe that God gives us things so that we might be a blessing to others. He gave us life so that we might lay it down at His feet. Two and a half years ago, my things were mine. I would have sacrificed, but only to a certain point. Here is the challenge that God has given me as I plan on moving to Idaho; here are some questions that I have been exploring with God:

What if I rented an apartment that had a big enough living area that I could bless others with worship nights, game nights, and meals that feed the hungry? What if I bought enough chairs that I could host a Bible Study with my neighbors? What if I bought folding tables so I could cook for families and friends who are struggling financially or need to see love and invited others to be a part of it? What if the car I bought was so dedicated to God’s work that it was constantly being used for ministry? What if my camera was used to bring joy to families that otherwise couldn’t afford family pictures? What if I literally saw everything I owned as a gift that I must in turn distribute to others?

Some might say: “That’s not wise. You’ll be a volunteer. You don’t have that kind of money. You don’t have that kind of time.” You know what? I believe that God has already picked out not only my future sponsors, but also my future apartment, car, etc. I can live without a few comforts if that means that I can bless others with what I have. If there is one thing that I have learned in this time in South America, it’s that God honors obedience and generosity. I live my life day to day responding to needs that God places in my path, and I have never lacked for funds or resources. God has always taken care of me. Not only has He taken care of me, but He has taken me to places I never dreamed and provided for every step. I have seen countless miracles with my finances. I have seen countless miracles in every area of my life that I wouldn’t have seen had I not held loosely what I had been given.

I’m excited to move to Idaho in just a few months for a lot of reasons. I think the biggest reason I am excited to move there, however, is to see how God would use the things that I have been given to bless others; to see how He uses my time and the love He has poured into me to bless others.  I am excited to invest in people, to respond to needs, and to love people in practical ways. Whatever that may look like, I dedicate it all to God. I know it will be an adventure!


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