God’s Real Estate


This morning I woke up to see fear staring me in the face. He used to be so familiar to me. He’d moved away, and I wasn’t happy for the visit. I hadn’t missed him at all. In fact, I took him to God and we had our own little fist fight in His presence.

It wasn’t a fight that ended easily or quickly. However, what finally put the doubts to rest and gave me peace was the assurance that God has my future in His hands. He is directing my paths, and I can trust Him to redirect me if need be. I realized that in Him there is freedom to dream, even if it seems like those dreams might never come to pass. He loves a dreamer.

Often what keeps me paralyzed, however, is having too much of my focus on the big picture and how overwhelming the dreams of God for my life are. There is something inside of me that believes that I have to somehow “make it happen”, and all the how’s leave my head spinning. I am starting to realize in the midst of all this, that my peace lies in trusting God to figure out the how’s and learning how to ENJOY God’s dreams for me instead of letting them stress me out. I am learning to dance through life like a little child, totally at peace that my Daddy has it all figured out.

Trusting God to make something happen with my life doesn’t mean that I just sit back and wait for things to happen. There is an active part that I must play, and God has been speaking strongly to me about this. He wants us to learn the value of working hard for something. He wants us to be artists with our lives that create with excellence. God told me this week, “I want you to dive in completely and not worry about whether or not you have what it takes.” That’s faith.

I listened to a preacher this morning, and he said, “We’ve gotta give God more real estate.”

God spoke to my heart and said, “I can’t bless the book you haven’t written.”

Sometimes we drag our feet. Our intention is to be obedient, but we make the process more drawn out and complicated than it needs to be. Then we wonder why we aren’t seeing the blessing of God being poured out in our lives. What if I truly “dove in”? Living in partnership with God means that we both contribute.

I believe that God has a grand purpose for each of our lives. I believe that the more space we give God to work in our lives, the more He can and will do. I believe that the more opportunities we give God to move, the more He will. I believe that the more open doors we walk through in obedience to God, the more people God can touch with our lives. It has nothing to do with us making something happen; it has everything to do with responding to the initiation of God. And lest we think that we can out-give, out-work, or out-dream God – we need to think again.

This morning I am challenged to give God more real estate. I want to give Him more obedience to work with. I want to give Him more space in my life to move. I want to take advantage of the opportunities that He clearly presents, so that He might shine more brightly through me. What about you? What is He saying to you today?


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