In My Hands


Be careful what You promise God. Watch carefully Your words when You tell Him that He can have everything…do anything…ask anything. Because He will. Did you really say you would go ANYWHERE? Did you truly promise obedience to WHATEVER He would ask of you? Are you ready for the answer should He respond right now? Are your shoes on?

We dream of doing big things with God; a grand future and a great name. However, He is saying to you today: what is in your hands?

One of the greatest joys I have right now as a missionary is watching our leaders find their places of ministry where they fit. I watch musicians play with passion. I see those who are great with kids come alive as new ideas are put in their lap. I see those who are passionate about youth take to the stage with confidence and fire.

God sent one of my greatest challenges to me while at the hair salon. As I watched my friend execute with absolute excellence her gifts as a beautician, God said to me, “Look at what is in your hands.” Do I perform with absolute excellence the gifts that I have been given?

Surely, such excellence is obtained through the simple method of hard work. Yet, so few of us are willing to invest the time and energy it takes.

As I stood in the humid air of San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic, surrounded by people burning with passion for the Kingdom, I found myself asking God, “How can I be a part of this? How can I be a blessing to these wonderful people?” He simply responded, “Look at what is in your hands.”

God’s plan for your life doesn’t start “someday”; it starts TODAY. Your calling isn’t out there years from now; it is in the here and now. God wants to do something in you RIGHT NOW. Do you get it? He wants to use you RIGHT NOW. So stop dreaming about the grand person that you could be one day if things were different…if you were different…and open your eyes to the great treasure that has already been placed in your hands.

Lord, I’m sorry for the skills that I have been afraid of, for the open doors that I have neglected, and for the callings that I have ignored. I choose to be faithful with what You have placed in my hands TODAY and in what You have asked me to do TODAY, knowing that You are shaping my future…knowing that the story you are writing is better than anything I could have written for myself.

Take the paintbrush. I’m all Yours.


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