Laid-Down Lover

Recently I have been passing through the waters spiritually for many reasons. I grew up with a unique awareness of spiritual warfare. I spent years being tormented by evil. I was rescued from the devil’s house…I cannot portray how literally true that is for my life. But let me tell you, until recently I just didn’t grasp how necessary intercessory prayer is. We are in a place in our ministry where everything literally depends on prayer and on the movement of God’s hand. Without it, we are fried. I believe with all my heart that God has HUGE things in store, and there is a growing awareness in my heart that if I don’t answer the call of God to go deeper in prayer, I might miss being a part of it. There is a growing awareness in my spirit that if we are not covered daily by the prayers of others, the battle will be much more difficult. I think that I have often underestimated the power of the enemy, and I have not understood what it truly takes for salvation. I have been so lazy in my prayers for those in my life, but that just shows my selfishness and lack of love for others. Only recently as God has been growing in me a love for people, have I been willing to start to go the distance for them in prayer. The plans of the enemy are big for those God has called to have major roles in His Kingdom. It is not enough to be called…that is just where the fight begins. The devil has committed to go the distance to bring us down…we must be more willing to go the distance to grow closer and closer to God and to bring others before His throne. If we could see the intensity of all that is happening around us in the spiritual realm, we would be MUCH more serious about joining the fight. And do our prayers really matter? More than we could ever imagine. Does how we pray matter? More than we could ever imagine. God has given us so much authority, yet we walk in everything but that authority. We pray chicken prayers. We doubt. Say what? It’s true! It is rare to hear a prayer truly spoken in faith. However, now more than ever, we can’t afford to be weak in prayer. We can’t afford to be satisfied with “good enough.” Call me radical. Call me an extremist. I don’t care. I am a Jesus follower, a laid-down lover, and a radically driven disciple of Christ. I don’t want to be anything different.


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  1. John Phillips June 8, 2014 at 9:36 am

    Chelsea, this is a powerful rebuke in my life and I refer to James as he writes that the fervent, effectual prayers of a righteous man availeth much! There is a lot there to ruminate on. Fervent prayers, not chicken prayers! Effectual prayers, not sound bite ear tickling prayers! And most importantly, of a righteous man, and there are none except by the shed blood of Jesus, and that covering only by acceptance and Repentance.
    May you step forth today with a renewed commitment and a strong and abiding faith. God bless you, Sister Chelsea Maxine!


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