Update (February 20, 2014)

As I am concluding my prayer time this morning, I was moved to send an update to you.  However, I didn’t want to send a typical update that just includes our to-do list as a team and ways that you can pray.  I wanted to share with you on a more personal level what God is doing specifically in Nancy and I’s ministry and in our church.

My heart is challenged and filled with hope this morning.  Last night at our Bible Study, the Holy Spirit was so present.  I gave the lesson on qualities that a leader must have.  Inspiration flowed from those who were listening, and I can only give God glory.  One of the greatest joys as a leader is to see those you are discipling “get it”.  Light bulbs came on last night and people started shouting because God was giving them such a strong revelation.  One of the girls shared about how playing Christian music in her office has caused those in the offices near her not only to ask questions, but to start playing that same music in their offices and sing along.  One of the guys shared several instances where he is able to minister to people who are needing a touch from God and has faithfully taken the time to do so.  He testified to sensing God moving in his heart to reach out even to the drunk man sleeping on the sidewalk.  How incredible is that?

Of the contacts that I work with very directly, two have expressed the calling to be pastors and another to be a missionary.  I really believe they can be and will be.  I was moved in deep gratitude to God last night, that He would give me the opportunity to not only be a part of their stories but to guide them in this stage in their journey.  I am so excited to see what God will do in their lives.

Another contact was studying in a seminary several years ago to be a pastor, and at the point of graduation something happened and he left the church.  Now God is calling him back.  He and his wife will be attending our Encounter in less than two weeks.  His son and wife attended our last Encounter and are not only going through leadership classes in the church, but they also host a Bible Study in their home.  Their children (grown and younger) are following their example and God is moving in their lives too.

As I pray for my contacts, it is easy to see the need for God’s hand and protection over them.  Several are at crisis points in their marriages.  Several are wrestling with direction and discernment in God’s leading on their lives.  As leaders, we often need to have difficult conversations with our contacts, not to scold them, but to help them grow.  Those conversations are hard, because we can see the potential that these people have as future ministers and leaders, but it is up to them how they will respond.  It is amazing to me that God is not only entrusting us with those who will follow Christ, but He is entrusting us with those who will be POWERFUL leaders in the future, and will go on to change the story of many in Ecuador and possibly beyond.

If I could implore you to pray for our coming Encounter, please do so every chance you get.  We will not only have several from Ambato attending, but also pastors from our district and beyond.  God is getting ready to do a powerful work, and I cannot express how excited and honored I am to have a front-row seat to the action.  Nancy and I have at least 7 of our own contacts attending this upcoming Encounter with the possibility for several more signing up this week.

Pray for our team.  Cover us with God’s protection!  We need God’s presence and Spirit with us now more than ever!

Also, pray for us as we seek God’s will about the land that we will purchase to build on.  There are several options (some of which we visited yesterday), but each one would take a miracle from God.  We know that it will be a great testimony to God’s power, and we are excited to share the story.

We are regularly having over a hundred people come to our services on Sunday morning.  Can I get an AMEN?  As excited as we are to see this, we know that God wants to do SO MUCH MORE.  Please pray that God would open the floodgates in Ambato, and that our city would not only be filled with servants of God, but that it would be transformed from the inside out.  Pray that God’s glory would spill over to the rest of the world!  We are like the city on the hill right now, and God has called us to shine!

Also, in case you do not know, we also have another team in the city of Ibarra, Ecuador and they are working hard and seeing God moving in their ministry as well.  They have only been in the city for a short time, but exciting things are in store for them.  Keep them in your prayers!

Thank you so much, not only for the many different ways you have supported us financially, but also for the ways you are supporting us with your prayers.  I encourage you to keep watching our blog:  Also, follow us on Facebook:  Iglesia La Puerta Abierta de Ambato.  We keep these sites very updated, and they are both in English and Spanish.

Be blessed and encouraged today!  Thank you for reading and keeping up with all that is happening here!


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  1. Thank you for the update, I will continue praying for your work. Praise the Lord Almighty for His work, and may He bless all of your teams efforts in Christ. Amen.


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