Almighty Healer

Last night I came face to face with a trauma that I had suppressed from childhood.  In an instant, I was dealing with a level of pain, fear, and shame that I had not faced in quite some time.  It was overwhelming.

Instead of running away, I chose to face it.  I confided in a couple people that walked me through some processes and will continue to be by my side.  However, the thing that shook my world happened after that.

Emotionally, I was spent.  I went into my room and put in my headphones.  I turned on my worship music and gave my pain to God.  Almighty Healer entered my room and we journeyed through another dimension.

I want to tell you a secret.  In this moment, I can think of no greater thing to share with you.

When we go through trauma or pain, often the last thing that we humanly want to do is worship.  However, when I came to God and basked in WHO HE IS in the moment of my greatest pain, I can honestly say that I was worshiping in spirit and in truth in the most real way possible.  Peace, love, and hope washed over me.

Now I’m going to tell you a truth that I am discovering.  No amount of counseling, no matter how good it is, can cure a heart that has been broken as a result of sin…and it is true that every heart that has ever been broken has been broken because of sin.  It is our deepest problem.  Our sin is our condemnation.  It is death.  It is evil.

However, here is the GREATEST truth of all:  what we needed God provided.  What we needed Jesus died to give us:  SALVATION!  And what is salvation?  It’s not a repeat after me prayer that we pray and we are set for eternity.  Salvation is true healing of the effects of sin.  I’m going to say that again:  SALVATION IS TRUE HEALING OF THE EFFECTS OF SIN.  We can follow processes and find ways to cope and survive with the brokenness that we have experienced, but TRUE HEALING only comes in calling on the name of Jesus.  True healing is when the supernatural comes in and does what the natural could not.  True healing can only take place in worship.

It’s not to say that sometimes it doesn’t take time.  However, a life that is surrendered to the will of God does the will of God.  And what is the will of God?  That salvation would come to this world, and that begins with us!  True salvation and healing is complete.  True salvation and healing not only cures us but also sends us to be agents of that salvation and healing for others.  When we allow the Almighty Healer to come in, we are never the same.

I thank God for His indescribable gift!  I thank Him for this process that He is taking me through – the path to complete healing and salvation in Christ.  And this isn’t just because He loves me, but it is also because He loves the people that He is sending me to reach.  I am excited!  I am excited to see what God does.  I am excited for the journey.  And I am so in love…


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