Orphan Spirit

I wrote yesterday about meeting a 17-year old girl in the park the other day.  She was just a baby herself, holding her own baby.  She grew up in an orphanage and her eyes held an emptiness inside of them.  I looked her in the eyes and told her that God loves her so much and that she is not alone, and she responded, “How can you say that I am not alone when I am alone?”

The moment was truly monumental to me personally, because I realized how deep my passion and calling is to orphans.  It breaks my heart in a special way when someone acknowledges that they do not have anyone in the world.  However, I also realize that this spirit of abandonment and loneliness is not unique to those who have no mother or father.  I have met, and have seen in myself in the past, a similar attitude.

Heidi Baker is a missionary in Africa, and her book and documentary both entitled Compelled By Love are powerful.  In her work with orphans, she talks about the ones who have an orphan spirit and how they contrast with those who have the spirit of adoption.  Every Sunday night all the kids have full access to everything in the house.  They can drink as many Coca Colas as they want from the fridge, they can jump on the couch, they draw pictures and put them all over the fridge and walls.  Heidi says that those who still have an orphan spirit don’t have any idea what to do during this time.  They watch timidly as the other children play like crazy.  Sometimes they steal, because they simply do not know how to handle what has been given to them.  There is not a sense of freedom.

Heidi says that we are created for intimacy, and when we know we are loved, we are free to be intimate.  I believe this is truly the difference between those who have an orphan spirit and those who have the spirit of adoption, regardless of their actual status here on earth.  Those who have truly received the love of Christ for their lives have a freedom.  Nothing can touch them, because the love of Christ is so much stronger.  There is no longer fear, because the Bible says that perfect love casts out all fear.  They can be intimate with other people, because the true and perfect love that comes from God has healed their heart wounds.  They have been adopted.  They are safe.  They are free.

So here is the question:  do you have an orphan spirit or do you have the spirit of adoption?  God offers you love that is powerful enough to cover and heal any wound and any experience that you might have had.  You are not alone; you are loved extravagantly!  Until you are able to accept this love, you will never be free.  The gift is offered to you, right here, right now.  Will you choose to accept it?  Be adopted today!


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