Quick Update! (February 5, 2014)

Hey everyone!

Wanted to send a quick update about the work here in Ambato!  Exciting things coming up in the next month or so and we had a great prayer event this past Saturday.  We had 20 adults in all and interceded for our city.  Pictures are up on our Facebook page Iglesia La Puerta Abierta de Ambato and an article will be posted soon on our blog.  Be sure to keep updated!  Here is the address:

Also, this past Sunday we received 9 new members into our congregation!  These people have gone through at least the Encounter, the five weeks of Post-Encounter, and have been baptized.  Glory to God!

Here are some of the things that are coming up:

-Leadership dinner at our house with all those who are currently going through leadership classes this Friday, February 7th.

-City-wide Christian youth event this Saturday, February 8th.

-Couples event next Friday, February 14th.

-ENCOUNTER March 1st-2nd.  This is going to be a big one, and several of Nancy and I’s contacts are planning on going.  Please pray that there would be no obstacle that would keep them from going.  It is an important Encounter.  We will also have several pastors from several countries as part of this Encounter.  Pray that they would be inspired and renewed to carry the Gospel in their particular areas.

Nancy and I now have 4 Home Bible Studies!  At least 3 of them will be sending several people to the Encounter.  Nancy and I have the goal to grow and multiply each of them before May.  Please pray for a movement of God!

Also, our church has fairly consistently been averaging over 100 people (apart from the holidays)!  People are coming and they are excited.  We are beginning talks of a second service, though it will probably not happen for a couple months.  Please pray that it would happen sooner rather than later!  God is getting ready to seriously move in Ambato.  Please pray against the spiritual warfare.  Also pray for us, as the church in Ambato is a light to many other pastors within our district and in other countries.  Pray that we would handle our responsibility well and that by God’s grace many many people might come to know Him!

Thank you so much for your financial support and prayers!  They are making a difference!  Will keep you updated!


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  1. Thank you for the update. I will keep praying for the work your team is doing. May God bless all of you.


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