Just Not Happenin’

We all have days when it’s just not happenin’.  Tonight was one of those nights for me.  I am a missionary in Ecuador, and we speak Spanish most of the time.  There are days when my Spanish is amazing.  The words just roll off the tongue.  Then there are days, like today, when I (and everyone else for that matter) wonder if I speak Spanish at all.

The cool thing about ministry done the right way is that it is not about us.  I gave one of the worst formed lessons I have ever given (not for lack of preparation; it was just one of those days), but God decided to do something amazing.  We had at least three people accept Christ.  While I’m off trying to spat out the words Nehemiah and city ruins, God’s over there saving souls.  And that just rocks.

All this to say:  don’t be afraid to step out and be obedient.  Don’t get down and depressed when your performance is just not happenin’, because it could be that in your bad night, God’s performance is totally happenin’.  Learn to look past yourself to the activity of God and give Him glory for everything He is doing.  Rejoice with Him and celebrate.

And don’t let Satan defeat you with the lie that you can’t do something when you have a bad night or a bad experience.  Get up and do it again with the same passion.  Because it’s not about you anyway.  It’s all about Him.


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