Let Your Love Be Loud


So I discovered this morning that if you want to do a wake-up call in an Ecuadorian neighborhood, walk your dog down the street.  There was not a second of peace, and at one point there were approximately 14 dogs barking and banging against gates.  Not a single person was still in la-la land.  And…we set off a car alarm.

I thought to myself, “If we were half as excited to spend time with Jesus and share Him with others as dogs are to see each other, OH MY WORD…heaven would be full and Jesus would have come back already.  Where is the passion?  Where is the reckless happiness?

I want my love for Jesus to constantly be bubbling over.  I want it to be loud, so that no one could possibly be spiritually sleeping around me.  We aren’t called to blend in or maintain the peace.  We are called to stand out, to shine, to radically draw people to Him.

So here’s the challenge for today:  Let your love be loud!


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