Fear of Falling

Last night I had the opportunity to share a testimony and worship time with three other world changers in a living room in Lansing, Michigan.  The Spirit of God was so powerful in that place.  We all received words from God and we prayed for each other and the steps ahead.

Garrett shared a story from his past that totally spoke into my life, and I wanted to be vulnerable for a few moments and share it with you.

In one of his teaching assignments, he was put in charge of a high obstacle course.  Although he was afraid of heights, he took the job.  The rule of the course was that once a student climbed the ladder at the beginning, the only way he or she could come down was by finishing the course.  One day he was working with a group of middle-school students, and a young girl started to panic.  She finished crossing the most difficult part and latched herself onto a pole and started crying uncontrollably.  Garrett was at the end of the course, so he began to make his way to her.  As he reached her in her desperate situation, she explained to him all the reasons why she couldn’t complete the course, though most were unintelligible because of the tears.  He gently reassured her, “You are not in danger!  Even if you fall from the path, this rope will catch you just a foot below, and I am here to make sure that doesn’t even happen.  Every day I walk this course and check every nut and bolt and rope and all your equipment to make sure that everything is secure for you, and I just walked the portion of the course that you are getting ready to walk.  I can tell you that you will be quite ok!”  As he spoke those words to the girl, the concept clicked in his mind as well and was a pivotal point in his spiritual journey.

As he shared this story with me, it resonated so clearly in my life.  Recently I had been struggling with fear about the next step, and although I was willing to do anything for God, the past few days had found me spiritually clinging to a pole, afraid to twitch.  However, God used the story of the obstacle course to remind me that He has already walked this path that is ahead of me – many times.  He reminded me that although it seems unsafe to me, that I am secure in His hand.  The path ahead might be physically dangerous, but even then I have nothing to fear.  One of the words from God that Rachel shared with me last night was that God wouldn’t call me to go somewhere that wasn’t with Him.  That is a comforting thought.

It is true that we are often convicted and challenged by our own words coming out of our mouths.  I remember saying last night that the fact that I am ever afraid of anything means that I do not truly understand how big and good God is.  Although it is hard for me to admit my fear, I am thankful that God found me there – clinging to the pole for dear life – and took my hand.  So we continue through the obstacle course without a fear of falling.  I will walk with the One who has gone before and already prepared the way.


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