So Much More

The closer I get to Jesus, the more I have adopted the mentality of “so much more”.  God wants to do so much more with my life.  One of the greatest enemies of the believer is the attitude of being comfortable or the belief that we are doing “enough.”

Some might look at the fact that I’m a missionary and say, “Wow, she’s doing a lot for the Kingdom.”  I look at my job as a missionary and see it as a great beginning for many other things.  A title doesn’t say anything about a life of service.  A servant’s heart that is always reaching tells the story.

We can be so prideful sometimes.  We compare ourselves to the people we want to compare ourselves to and think, “I’m doing pretty good.”  However, God will not ask us about anyone else when we stand before Him.  He will ask us about our obedience to His calling.  How did we respond to Him?

It’s about passion and perspective.  I’m learning how to try to imagine just how long eternity is, and just how short my life on earth is.  I am learning how to imagine just how big God’s love is for His people and how He longs that they would know Him and that they would burst forth with purpose.  If I could but catch His vision…there would not be an ounce of “comfortable” inside of me.  I do not sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice…in fact, how could I see any inconvenience as a sacrifice at all?

I must learn to count it all joy for the opportunity to use the short moments and years of my life here on earth to passionately live for Christ.  I must learn to see the world as He does.  If He shows me how it breaks His heart that orphans walk the streets, then I must care for orphans.  There is no question.  If He shows me that it breaks His heart that people are held captive by sex trafficking, then I must give my life to freeing those held in bondage.  Where God reveals His heart to me, it is there that I must respond.  No question.

There can be no excuses.  There can be no “God, but I don’t have the resources” or “I don’t have the time.”  Get creative.  Pray for doors to open and for the courage to run through.  God cannot simply be your priority; He must be your entire life.  In this life, we do not do great things for God.  We simply obey because of our love for Christ; because He first loved us, and because He also loves THEM.

What is God revealing to you about His heart today?  In what ways is He calling you to act?  Be challenged…be passionate…be obedient.  Step out and enter a world of miracles.  God has huge dreams for your life.  He desires SO MUCH MORE from you.  Don’t be afraid; get excited!  It is an honor to serve the King of Kings.


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