A Faith That Conquers

We are talking this week in our small groups about what it means to be conquerors in the name of Jesus.  This topic really speaks to me, because there is a vision on my heart that I believe is from God, and it is super big and super impossible for me.  It is testing my faith in ways that my faith has never been tested before, because I am being called to invest a lot more in this vision than in anything I have done in the past.  It is great to have dreams and to talk about them.  That’s what we do, right?

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Or better yet:  What is God calling you to do with your life?

Well, that’s all great until the rubber hits the road and you actually have to work for your calling.  God doesn’t hand success out to us on a silver platter.  We are called to be workmen approved by God and to invest all the talents that we have been given in things that are worthy of the Master’s instructions.

What they don’t tell you when you are growing up is that you will have a period of time – could be a few months, could be a few years – when you work with all you have and see little results, and you have to simply keep working and giving 110%.  It takes a lot of faith to believe in a vision even when the rest of the world does not yet believe.  However, if we look at the story of anyone great, it is almost a common denominator that hard work was required and it was extremely frustrating in the beginning.  In this world where we are taught to value convenience and the fast-track, we have to come to the point where we realize that there are no short cuts to earning what really matters.

So where does God come in with all of this?  I am discovering that for me it is a matter of obedience.  I am not responsible for the results, and that is both an amazing thing and a frustrating thing.  Sometimes God wants to develop in us the character He desires before He will allow us to receive the blessing.  Discipline has been a big topic for me.  Not caring what other people think or say when it contradicts what God says is another.  Time management is a fairly new concept.  These have been hard lessons for me.

However, I want to have a faith that conquers.  The question has been asked this week, “Are you a conqueror?”  I can see how in the past I have been quick to wave my white flag, sometimes very prematurely.  However, God is changing that in me.

Faith that conquers has a clear vision and is aggressive in seeing that happen.  I have received a clear vision from God and a calling that has been Divinely grown over the years.  The Holy Spirit has commissioned me.  Therefore, I am called to be a warrior; I am called to push forward and see it through, as much as it depends on me.

Faith that conquers does not listen to strange voices.  This is super difficult for me, even when those voices are people that I respect and whose opinions I value greatly.  Sometimes arrows can come from those closest to us.  Satan wants to steal our blessing.  He will send fear into our lives to speak the prophecy of doom in order to defeat us before the battle even begins.  Then, when we are in the midst of the fight, he will attack again and cause us to ask, “Why am I doing this?”  However true faith causes us to be overcomers – overcomers of fear.  True courage does not necessarily mean that we don’t feel fear; but rather it means that we push through anyway, believing the truth that God clearly gives us in His Word and listening only for His voice.

Faith that conquers declares blessing.  Words are incredibly powerful, and they can destroy or give life.  James 3 makes that clear.  We can all see evidence of this as well in our lives.  Therefore, if what I am proclaiming is, “I want to do this.  It is my dream.  However, it is so impossible,” then we are defeated before we even begin.  However, a conqueror approaches his or her vision valiantly with the victory of Christ.  “I am called to do this, and I will do it in Jesus’ name.  I will be courageous and see this through to the end.  I want the blessing of God.”  The Bible says in several places that there is nothing impossible with God.  Therefore, if He has called you to do something, it is possible with Him by your side.

Something important to remember:  just because something is God’s will for your life does not mean it will automatically happen.  I cannot say that I have been called to write professionally and simply sit back and wait for God to make His will happen in my life.  I am called to a lifestyle of obedience and hard work.  I am called to use my talents to the fullest.  I am called to develop my skills.  I am called to develop the network that I have.  When I am completely faithful with all that I hold in my hands, God will, in His time, work all things for His glory.

We must have vision to see beyond what we can see.  The vision isn’t big enough until it is something only God can do.  That is definitely true for me.  It is sometimes a momentary battle to look at all that I see as impossible and to decide to believe that the “impossible” part is in God’s hands.  It is challenging to believe that God not only wants to do all He has put in my heart, but that He WILL do all that He has shown me.  What a crazy step of faith that is.  It’s like walking on a suspension bridge full-speed without consistently seeing the next plank of wood.  I could at any point fall to my death, but there is no other path to faith.

John 11:40 says, “Jesus responded, ‘Didn’t I tell you that you would see God’s glory if you believe?'”

I want to see God’s glory in my life.  I want to see His power.  I want to be used greatly by Him to touch the lives of many.  This is a passion of mine because God placed that in my heart.  Therefore, I can be confident that I WILL do that, in Jesus name.  I can write like I am communicating the very heart of God.  I can speak like Christ is speaking through me, because He is.

May you be challenged to have a faith that conquers.  There is no place in the Kingdom for a faith that waves a white flag, except to surrender ourselves in humility before God.  You cannot do this without Him, but if you have been called by Him, the impossible is made possible through His power.  Walk in His victory as the conqueror you are today.


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