Missing the Miracle

This morning as a team we were reading in Mark chapter 5 about the story of Jairus and his daughter whom Jesus healed.  I have read this story hundreds of times, but there was something that I had never noticed about Jesus’ actions on that day.

You may know the story:  Jairus was an important guy – the leader of the local synagogue in fact.  His twelve-year-old girl was dying.  He heard about Jesus and the fact that He had been healing so many people, so Jairus sought Him out and begged Him to come and heal his daughter.  Jesus agreed.

So they started down the road.  A lady who had been bleeding for 12 years (wonder what was going on with the number 12 that day) came and touched Jesus and was healed.  Slight delay.  While they were in route, Jairus received word that his daughter was dead.  Before he could cancel plans with Jesus, the Son of God approached him and told him that he must have faith and his daughter would live.  So they continued to the house.

When they arrived at the house there was a massive crowd of people and they were making all kinds of noise with their crying.  In this time, there were people actually paid to cry.  That was their job.  How annoying would that be?  Anyway…detour.  Apparently Jesus was annoyed with them as well, so he sent them out, leaving just Him with three of his disciples, the girl’s parents, and the dead girl.  Jesus touches her, tells her to get up, and she does.  Awesome miracle.

That’s how I’ve always seen the story.

Today we focused our discussion on:  why did everyone but the three disciples and the parents of the girl miss the miracle?  Why did Jesus send everyone out except those five witnesses?

Because those Jesus sent out were obstacles to the miracle on that particular day.  Their hullabaloo and chaos were not part of the spirit that Jesus was looking for in witnesses.

I wonder how many times I have missed a miracle because I was a distraction or an obstacle to Christ.  Maybe it was my lack of faith.  Maybe I was just making a lot of racket that didn’t serve Christ for anything.  Maybe I was following the crowd.  Or maybe, like many of the people in this story, I was telling Jesus (or someone Jesus sent) that He was uninformed about the situation and crazy to think differently than I.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather be in the minority with crazy faith than part of the crowd making all the racket.  You know why?  Because the crowd is missing the miracle!  I want to be in that room; I want to hear Jesus give the command, and I want to see her eyes flash open and her body fill with life.

I am called to awaken the Church, and I need to believe in the miracle.  I don’t want to stand in the way.  Rather, I want to be present with Jesus as He breathes life into the Church.  Just like Jairus’ daughter, I want to see the Church’s eyes flash open and her body fill with life.  I don’t want to be one of those outside missing the miracle.

Where are you?  Are you in the room or outside among the critics?  Stop being an obstacle to God’s work.  Discover His will and be a part of all that He is doing in the world.  The miracle of God’s hand in action is worth it.


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