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Do you have a calling on your life that you are afraid to believe is possible?  Do you find yourself internally fighting God because of your doubts?  I have to give credit to my pastor for a message on Sunday night that found me right where I was and challenged me to the core.

When we read the Bible, history is not marked by numbered years as much as it is by certain influential people that everyone knows about.  It is a no-brainer that people who have shrunk back in fear and hidden themselves and their gifts aren’t among those who mark time.  It is only the valiant who have stepped out and become people of influence (for the good or for the bad) and become household names.

Now it is true that the goal in life is not to become famous.  However, I don’t know about you, but among my deepest desires is to have as big of an impact on this world as God would allow me and to shine brightly for Him.  I want to inspire and challenge people, and I want the world to be a better place when I leave someday for me having been here.  That doesn’t happen by timidly stepping out into the unknown.  It happens with a cannonball into the deep end and with radical trust in God.

I recently heard a song by Kerrie Roberts that immediately became the theme song for my life.  The song is called Middle of It All.  The first verse says:


I want to be the one who stands in the fray

I want to take a chance so I can say

I’m coming through, gonna get my hands dirty

On the journey here with You


I want to remember those forgotten by the world

I want to be the words for those unheard

And I’ll follow You into the hardest places

When I’m afraid, I’ll trust You

I’m afraid, but I’ll trust You


So we have these dreams.  We want to change the world.  But how do we do it?  Because it seems like the situation where we are is not conducive to that.  And you know what?  It never will be; not until you decide to make it that way.  Our society does not breed or encourage world-changers; it tries to shut them up.  So stop waiting for the stars to align and for the conditions to be right.  Stop waiting until you are brave enough.  Courage is a choice.  Go for it.

Begin where you are.  Right now.  Stop waiting.

You may not remotely have all the resources you feel you need to make it all happen.  You may not have accumulated yet the influence you feel you need.  But isn’t it awesome that we have a God who is the owner of everything?  Isn’t it awesome that we have the Holy Spirit who goes before us, walks with us, and stays where our footsteps leave?  When we begin the journey with God, we can rest assured that if this is HIS CALLING on our lives (stop doubting), that He is simply asking for our obedience and hard work.  The results are His department.

Use what you have.  God will give you the rest.

Think about the story in John chapter 6 of the little boy who gave five loaves and two fish to Jesus.  In just a few moments, over 5,000 men along with their wives and children had enough to eat.  What could God do with the calling that He has placed on your life?  What could He do with your gift of writing or drawing?  What could He do with your talent in business or your experience in finance?  What could He do with your years spent in social work?  Stop putting limits on how God can use you simply because you can’t see the miracle.  Choose to believe that He can take your life and make something beautiful of it for His glory.

Begin to live and walk in faith.

As we mentioned earlier, this world does not encourage people to go out and do radical things.  The world tries to talk sense into these people.  It tries to tell them to be rational and that they need to “calm down” or “lighten up”.  It reminds them that they are only one person and calls into account from where they come.  One of the most essential keys to being a world-changer is learning how to tune in to the voice of God and desire to only please Him.  Resistance often comes from the most painful places.  It can come from other Christians.  Many times it is a close family member that tries to snuff out the flame before it has the chance to grow.  Faith is a decision, not just in a certain situation but rather a decision to live differently.  I had been a Christian for many years before I decided to walk in faith and live my life directed entirely by the Holy Spirit.  Look to God for your encouragement.  Look to Him for your inspiration.  Extend grace to those who have every good intention by the limiting things that they are saying.  Remember that God has a calling especially for them.  Who knows? Maybe by your courage you might awaken in them the courage they need to chase what God has been telling them to do for years and they have been resisting.

Continue climbing and advancing.

Don’t stop.  Times will get hard.  There will be crisis points.  Remember that the battle is the hardest right before the breakthrough.  How many people have missed a victory because they quit right before it was going to happen?  Don’t get discouraged.  Remember that God will complete the good work that He began in you; therefore, you can have the courage to complete the good work that HE has called you to do.

Do more than what is asked of you.

This world is filled with people who only do what is required.  These people will live life only experiencing the minimum of the blessing that God has for them.  What consistently sets people apart from others is their habit of giving 110%…or more.  Think about the story of how Isaac’s wife was chosen in Genesis chapter 24.  Abraham sent his servant to find a wife for Isaac, but the servant wasn’t about to choose just any woman for the child of promise.  He prayed for a sign from God.  As he sat down at the well, thirsty and in the company of ten thirsty camels, he prayed that the woman that God had chosen for Isaac would not only respond positively to his request for water, but would by her own initiation offer water to his camels as well.  As Rebekah approached and fulfilled every part of that prayer, the servant looked on in amazement.  Watering ten camels is no small offer or task.  Surely it took several hours to complete.  However, because Rebekah had become a woman who rose above the norm, she had the blessing of being chosen as the wife of a great man with a fantastic calling and future.  Her story will be told forever.

What is it that is burning inside your heart right now?  Let me offer you the rest of the lyrics to Kerrie Robert’s song:


So I will run into the middle of it all

And I will come when my heart hears Your call

No, I won’t hide behind the safety of the city walls

I’ll step outside the lines and rise above predictable

I will run into the middle of, the middle of it all


And You’re here

Lord, I know that I’m not alone

And You’re there before me anywhere I go

That’s why I want to fearlessly live and love You

You’re the reason why I move


Across the distance and right across the street

Whatever You decide to put within my reach

I will go, make me ready


May that be your prayer today where you are, and may God take you to places you never dreamed because you STEPPED OUT.  Begin today.


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  1. Chelsea…You tagged me in this blog quite some time ago, but I just now discovered it…and needed to hear it right now. God’s perfect timing!


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