Dear Friend

For the man or woman who struggles to believe that he or she is worth it.
Dear friend,
I talked to you the other day.  It had been so long since we had spoken, but no matter the distance or how much time has passed, our friendship remains just as special to me.
I remember all the great times we have shared together.  I remember how you journeyed with me through many difficult times.  I remember the midnight walks and the encouraging words you spoke over my life.  Recently when we talked, my mind wandered back to those days and how much I long to share those moments with you again.  However, the years have come and gone and we live so far away from each other.  It is not as simple anymore as a phone call and an, “I’ll meet you at the chapel in 15 minutes.”  You have your life and I have mine…yet what about our time is really ours anymore?  I guess that’s the thing about being grown-ups.
In our conversation, I listened to all that you had to say.  I heard your doubts, fears, and sadness.  My heart broke as you wrestled with questions about who you are.  I wanted to reach through the phone to where you were.  I wanted to somehow show you, though I have no idea how I could, how precious you are not only to me, but also to so many people.  I know that you feel alone.  I know that you are afraid that you will always be alone.
And I know that you have heard all the churchy talk before about how we always have God and His love, but I understand how that could be easy to dismiss as something that applies to everyone else but you.  I get those questions.  I get those doubts.  I’ve been there.  I walked that road for years.  I know what it is like to feel like I was so broken that it was hard to believe that God could ever fix it or make anything beautiful of my life.  I get it.
Probably the hardest thing for me when I was listening to your heart was knowing that God feels so differently about you than you feel about yourself.  As much as my heart was breaking, His heart was breaking so much more.  He literally died to show you that you were worth anything and everything to Him.  He has been dying every day of your life to show you how absolutely amazingly He made you.  He has a plan for your life that is unique to you.  He has given you gifts that are unique to you, and if you could only see yourself through His eyes, there wouldn’t be a doubt in your mind how much He delights in your beauty and in who you are.
Psalm 139 talks about how God knows everything about us.  There are no secrets that we can hide from Him.  Yet, you know what is so amazing?  Despite our history, our mess-ups, our selfishness, our addictions, our sin…HE LOVES US!  We didn’t have to go looking for Him; He found us in the awful place we were and won’t ever let us go.
However, the heart of God can’t stand to see you stay where you are.  Why would a prince still wear pauper’s clothes?  Why would a princess still dress in rags?  In the same way, you – a child of the King – cannot continue walking the streets of your life believing the lies you have always believed about yourself, that you are worthless and a failure.  You are priceless and God’s greatest delight.  It is an entirely different identity that we must clothe ourselves with.  It is true that in the beginning, these clothes feel uncomfortable because they are so different from the old ones.  However, -YOU- dress yourself in the dignity of God’s grace, hold your head high, and let God fill you with His peace and purpose.  Because of His great love, we are so much more than that.  You are so much more than the things that you believe about yourself.
The truth is, each of us has our own reality.  Each of us has our own point of view, but there is a truth that is greater still.  Just as the sky is blue no matter how much we want to believe that it is red, we are precious, valuable, and wonderfully created no matter how much we want to believe that we are nothing more than a mistake.  There is no life too broken to fix.  Read the Bible!  Some of the greatest world-changers that ever lived came from the lowest places and committed some of the greatest sins.  YOU are no worse than them.  YOU have not run out of time.  YOU are worth it.  There is a world that is out there waiting for YOU.
Dear friend, I love you so much.  My greatest hope is that you might allow God to heal your heart, because you have so much to offer this world.  You think that there are so many obstacles, but the truth is that this life is oh so short and change is not that far off.  YOU choose to let Love captivate your heart.  He is waiting for YOU.  This world has so much pain and is in desperate need of those who will bring healing and love.  You have known pain and sorrow, and I pray that you might know joy and peace.  I pray that God would send you out as His prince or as His princess to those who need the same healing that He longs to give you.  Stop fighting Him.  Stop believing the lies which say that you can’t trust Him.  If there is anyone in this world that you can trust, it is He.
If you hear nothing else, hear this:  YOU ARE LOVED.  You have infinite worth.  Don’t give up.  Don’t give in.  Your life and your story will be what makes all the difference in this world.  Dear friend, walk in victory today.

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