On the Other Side of Heaven

As a Christian, there are moments in this life that are clearly divine appointments. Today, I had the privilege of being invited to one.

Today was our day off, and my teammate and I went to the city of Baños (yes, that means bathroom), Ecuador, located about 45 minutes from our hometown. One of our favorite places to go is the thermal baths, which is natural mineral water that comes up from below the volcano. My friend left to swim, and as I pulled out my Bible to read, a lady began to talk to me.

Literally within the first sentence of talking with her, the Holy Spirit informed me that I would be giving her my Spanish Bible. She told me many things about her life: how she had been married for over 40 years to someone who has mistreated her the whole time, how she had been hurt by Christians in the past, and how she can see the devil so active in the world right now. However, she said something that captured my attention and wouldn’t let me go: “I have always known that I have the call to preach, but I just never did it. I never studied the Scriptures like I should have. How great it is that you are preaching. I did not do that.”

In this moment, I felt the authority of the Holy Spirit fill my mouth with a message for her to hear, and I spoke it as clearly as I could, “You have a calling from God. Until you are standing in His presence in that last day, it is never too late. It is not too late for you. Do whatever it takes to fulfill this calling in your life. God can work miracles in your family and He can work miracles in your life.” I pulled my Bible out of my backpack and handed it to her, “God told me at the beginning of this conversation that I was to give you my Bible. I want to ask you to make me a promise.” She responded, “What is the promise?” I said, “That you read the book of John.” I showed her where it was located, and with all the humility in her heart, she melted and said, “I will never forget you. I will never forget this. From this moment on I will read this Bible. I will never forget you.” I told her clearly once more, “Do not ignore your calling to preach. It is not too late for you. God has a purpose for your life, right now. Do not miss it.”

What an incredible privilege it was to be able to speak truth into the life of a precious daughter of God. I may not know the result of that conversation until we are both on the other side of heaven, but one thing is clear to me: I was given a message for someone who felt she had missed her opportunity to fulfill her calling. However, until the day when she is standing before her Maker, it is not too late.

What about you? Do you feel you have missed the boat? Do you have a calling from God that you have been neglecting? We can allow a million different excuses to keep us from being obedient. Maybe we are afraid; maybe we have made poor choices; maybe it is not convenient. However, whatever the excuse is, the fact remains: you have been chosen by God for a specific purpose. Stop running. Stop making excuses. Seek His heart, prepare yourself, and do it. Whatever it takes. Wherever it takes you.

And someday when we are on the other side of heaven, I want to hear your story. I want to celebrate with you the life you have lived in service to Christ.


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