For All That He Will Do

In each person’s life, there come many cross points of decision. There are times when we must choose to continue in the same mindset and limited devotion we have always been in or to allow God full access to our hearts to make of our lives something we could never have imagined. I have discovered recently that there is growth, and then there is GROWTH. I have seen God’s transformational work in my life every day as I yield my heart to Him, but He has led me to a point this week in my walk with Him where I need to choose.

I believe with all my heart that I have been obedient with what I had and knew up until this point, and God has honored that. However, He is moving me to a deeper place. What would it take for me to let go of all that is holding me back from being everything that He has created me to be? I certainly cannot make that kind of change myself, but I know that the Holy Spirit is more than capable of doing the surgery. He must take out the fear that has caused me to always hesitate. He must rip out the beliefs that I have had about myself that say I am lesser and weak. He must teach me the truth about who I am; that He created me to be a powerful force for the Kingdom and that my timidity is robbing the Kingdom of a treasure. No more holding back. No more little child inside. No more questions about whether or not I am prepared or capable. I am the Lord’s chosen one. I have been called and commissioned, and I must run forward with all authority and conviction.

I want the Holy Spirit to be so active in my life that I can literally be God’s hands and feet to every person I meet. What if I were to hear His voice so clearly in my life that I could walk up to a complete stranger and give him a message from God that speaks into his situation and into the work that God is doing in his heart in that very moment? What if that was my normal? What if every day I saw miracles? What if I could believe that God works through me as much as I would allow Him; that His Kingdom could come to full fruition in my life? What if I held the conviction that wherever I go, I carry His presence with me; this presence that has the power to speak radically to everyone it touches and transform their lives? It is true that one cannot stand in the presence of God and not be rocked by His holiness. This same presence that the Bible describes in Revelation where angels constantly bow before His throne and sing His praises lives IN ME. Would I let this presence invade every corner of my heart? Would I let His light so illuminate my life and that it would drive out completely the insecurity that is keeping me from being the powerful influence on the world that God created me to be? I don’t want to settle for just a little. I want to be saturated with Him; full and running over, spilling out and covering those around me. I want to be used by God to do mighty things in the world. I want to live a life that brings glory and honor to God. My hesitancy does not do that. So today I choose. I choose the radical life. I choose the way of reckless abandon and devotion. Whatever that might look like, I throw out any desire I have to be safe, accepted, and respected. When God moves, I want to move. When He speaks, I want to shout the message from the rooftops. Though some might think me a total freak, I choose to be the one that God would use…and I choose to trust that He will give me the courage in every moment to be obedient to His leading and voice.

I give Him praise for all that He will do in and through my life. I give Him praise for all that He will do in your life, because you too must make this decision. What is holding you back? What excuses have you made? Are you seeing the world change around you? Are you constantly aware of the Spirit’s leading in your daily activities and conversations? Are people hearing messages from God through you? This is His will for you: that you would be a conduit of His presence where you are and with the people that surround you. Let His presence rock your heart and I promise it will explode into your community and city. I promise that nothing could ever remain the same. Do you want this? Tell Him. Believe Him. Follow His initiation and go be the light of the world!


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