I Never Get Used to What He Does

Yesterday was a day full of great joy for us.  As a team, we experienced two salvations.  Nancy and I had the opportunity to be a part of one, and another group from our team was present during another one.  I have said several times to several different people that since we have come to Ambato, we have seen miracles every day.  Whether it has been a crazy amount of funds coming in to cover the cost of all our start up equipment for the church, or people being placed strategically in our path that need to hear a very specific word from God, or someone completely opposed to Christianity having their heart literally melted by God before our eyes, or someone pouring out the deepest questions inside only to find that in Christ is every answer they were looking for:  there is no greater miracle than watching someone who God loves deeper than we could ever understand and has been pursuing relentlessly come home.  Words cannot describe the joy in that moment when his or her heart meets the heart of God.  It is like I can literally dance with the angels in their celestial celebration.

There is a song by Twila Paris that says, “I never get used to what You do.  I never get used to watching You take a life beyond redemption, make it Yours and make it new.  I never outgrow the miracle.  A heart that was empty flowing full.  I never get used to what You do.”  Twila, I am totally with you.  We prayed for months and so many people that are supporting us have been praying for months that God would prepare the hearts of the people of Ambato.  If I ever believed the truth of God before, I believe it even more now because I have seen it be exactly what every person needs.  I have seen the Holy Spirit touch so many different hearts in so many different situations, but the deep longing is the same.

I remember when I was a teenager, I would help in the nursery and there was a program that we would watch with the kids called the DonutMan and the theme song said, “Life without Jesus is like a donut, ‘cause there’s a hole in the middle of your heart.”  It literally does not matter what we try to fill it with, whether it is a job, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a degree, music, etc.  There is nothing that can satisfy or bring joy except for God.  There is no other life that brings fulfillment than the life lived serving Christ.  As I have told some of our contacts, God found me in a hopeless situation.  I had no desire to live, but when I gave my life to Christ, I found everything worth living for.  Nancy has explained as well that it is this love for God that grows so big inside of us that it causes us to do crazy things like leave our jobs and our studies, sell everything we have, and move to another place just so we can tell people about this Jesus that has made our hearts sing.  It is the greatest privilege and joy that we could ever have, and we have not regretted for a moment the decision to do so.

I am falling so in love with Jesus.  Every day.  I know what He has done for me, but there is something super special when I watch Him do it for someone else too.  As 2 Corinthians 6:2 says, “Today is the day of salvation!”  Why wait?  After knowing even just a small bit of who Christ is, why would you ever wait?  I lost a life that wasn’t worth the bother only to find a love that has captured my heart and has never let me go.  It is a joy that is new every morning.  It is the wonder sustained through every day.  It is my encouragement when I lay my head down on my pillow at night.  It is not to say that life is perfect or free from tough moments.  However, the joy, wonder, and encouragement are always there.  I just never get used to what He does.


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