Update 5-9-13

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We have been in Ambato for over a month now and are working super hard.  I have a new blog address now.  I was having trouble posting on Blogspot, so I switched over to WordPress.  Here is the new address:

On this site I have several different features.  If you would like to read the English blog, go to the English blog tab on the top of the page.  I will also be posting my newsletters under the newsletters tab.  I also have everything but the newsletters available in Spanish.  I plan to keep this site very updated, so if you ever want to check out what we are doing and you haven’t received a newsletter from me in a while, feel free to check out the site.  Also, if you have Facebook and we aren’t friends yet, add me:  Chelsea Weber.  I post a lot of pictures of our work there.  I am also in charge of the blog for our team/church.  I have not finished with it yet, but I will send out the link when I am done and will be keeping that updated.  It will be in both English and Spanish.

I have written short articles on my blog about the things that we have done.  Here are the English links of updates since we came to Ambato:

For those of you who are interested in sending letters/packages, we now have a PO box.  If you are sending a package, it might be best to let me know ahead of time so I can be watching for it.  Email me at if you would like to know the address.

We moved into a nice four-story house a week and a half ago.  I am waiting to take pictures and post them until we get furniture in.  There are twelve of us that live here, but it is just the right size.

Right now we are in the process of talking to our contacts (people that we are reaching out to and having meetings with) about starting home Bible studies.  Nancy and I have several strong possibilities right now, so please be in prayer that in the next few days as we talk very directly with these people that they would open their hearts and homes to us.

Thank you so much to all of you who helped with the start-up expenses with our church.  God provided in a miraculous way all that we needed.  I haven’t seen it yet, but there is a full-size keyboard waiting for me at the church building that we were able to buy for a very good price from the States.  I am more than excited to be able to play on it this coming Sunday.  Since we have such a musical group, I believe that music will be one of the key tools that God will use to reach many of the young generation of Ambato.

We are planning evangelism events and 5 people will be coming from the States for a few days the first couple weeks of June.  These people are a part of a program we have with Extreme called 40 Days Experience:  anyone can come to Ecuador for 40 days and receive training in missions and experience some incredible time with God.  If you would like more information about what 40 days is, feel free to visit this site:

We also have an impact team scheduled to come in October.  If you are interested in being a part of this team, here is a website with more information:

If you or your church would like to bring a short term team, we would LOVE to have you and help you plan it.  Please email me and I will hook you up with the person you need to talk to.  It would be so cool for you to come and see first-hand what we do!

As with any questions or more information that you would like to know, you can always email me and I will work with you!

Please also be praying that in the next few weeks we can open our youth service.  Ambato is a very young city with universities full of students and schools full of teenagers.  So far in the connections that Nancy and I have had, the majority have been youth and young adults.  It is exciting to see how open people are to talk with us.  Pray that they would be open to accept Christ and grow to be leaders in His Kingdom.

Thank you so much for all your financial support, prayers, and encouragement.  They mean more than you could ever know!  It is so encouraging to remember that I have so many people that are supporting and holding me up in prayer.  We depend on your prayers in our ministry.  Please keep it up!


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