Puno Trip

Here are some pics from our Puno trip.

Nancy is happy to eat.

Brandon is THE condor.  Angela, Sandra, Nikol, Nancy, Ariel, Bruno, Pastor Lenilde, Pastora Consuelo, Eslie, and David

Angela, Nikol, and Ray

Sammy, Ariel, and David

Sandra, Consuelo, Nancy, Angela, Nikol

Sandra, Consuelo, Nancy, Angela, Pastor Lenilde, and Nikol


David and Brandon…being David and Brandon

Consuelo, Nancy, Nikol, Sandra, and Angela

Most of the group

Ha…oh Brandon…love Angela’s expression

Sandra, Nancy, and Nikol

Cj and I

Cj and Nikol

Me with Sandra and Cj

Me with Nancy and Cj

Sandra, Cj, and Nikol

Luis, Me, Ariel, and Cj


Me with Nikol…Nikol got new earrings

Nikol and Cj

Me with Nancy

Brandon and David

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