More Pictures From Peru

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!
Two of the leaders in our church: Amparo and Marleni
This picture and some following were taken at a leadership retreat

Sheena, Esther, and Megan chilling at the retreat center

Esther and Megan

Sheena and Milder

Brenda and Martin

Our group for the demonstration.  We sang Open the Eyes of Our Heart in both English and Spanish

Another picture of our group

We had praise and worship around the bonfire

Sammy and David leading worship

Sammy and Brenda

Me and CJ – Yes, I know that is not grammatically correct, but I am going in order of appearance

This is a martial arts demonstration that CJ and I attended.  CJ’s class that she trains with here in Arequipa performed there.  These are some kids from a different martial art.

David and Ray

Ray and Sammy.  These pictures were taken at Sammy’s birthday celebration

CJ and I in character

One of my favorite pictures of all time.  David, Me, and Ray.  Not sure who Ray is planning on killing first…haha.

Heyner, Patrick, and David

Heyner, Me, and Patrick

This is me preaching my first sermon in Spanish

 At our first leadership meeting with our new Peruvian leaders that have gone through the Discipleship and Leadership training.

Brian giving a picture demonstration at the leadership meeting

Brenda and Eli attentively listening

Our worship band.  I am on keyboard, Patrick on guitar, David hiding in the back on cajon, and Sammy leading the singing.  This was Patrick’s last Sunday here in Arequipa.

All of us Extremies sang Feliz Navidad this past Sunday for the congregation.

One of my professors Julissa and I

Brenda and Eli

Martin and Olga talking with Patrick

 This picture seriously cracks me up every time I look at it.

Brandon and Patrick

Sheena, Patrick, and Heyner

Oh Patrick, we are going to miss you so much!  Patrick is returning to the States a year early due to health issues.  Please pray for him!  Brandon, Me, Patrick, David, and Sammy

Our professor Manolo, Me, Professor Julissa, Brandon, and David

I am so stinking proud of this…it is a veggie tray in the shape of a turkey.  I brought this to our Thanksgiving celebration with everyone from Extreme.

Three counselors that came to work with us from the States.  Karen and Neal Oaks and Shelli Gartman.

This is a picture from our baptism service a few weeks ago.  I believe there were six people baptized that night.

Our counselor Shelli and Me

Julissa’s birthday!  She is showing off her gifts and Brandon is cheesing in the back.

Our team:  Me, CJ, Brandon, David.  This picture demonstrates all our personalities.

Brandon and David in front, CJ and I in back

CJ and I getting ready for church on Sunday

Tyler and I showing off our Chelsea soccer jerseys!
Once again, thank you so much for all your support of us!  We love you so much!


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