What is it like? Some Pictures To Share

Hey, everyone!  Here is another photo tour of our work and enjoyment time in Peru!
This is CJ playing happy birthday on the guitar for our host dad’s birthday.

This is some of us celebrating our host dad, Jesus’s birthday.  All close relatives and friends.

Birthdays get a little wild and fun here.  Good times!!

This is David buying fruit at a local market.  LOTS of fruit there.

This was also at the market…didn’t smell great but looked good.

I think this is…pig?

More meat.

Picture inside the market.

It doesn’t look like it, but this is cheese!  Soooo good.

I was shocked at how many eggs were here…and this is just half of the tables at this one booth!
This is one of our Spanish teachers, Manolo and David and Brandon.  They bought these sunglasses from a tienda on our morning tour of downtown.

This is our other Spanish teacher Julissa with CJ and I.  We were at a coffee shop.

Random unintentional pose.  If we ever record an album, this could be the cover.

CJ and I arm wrestling by a fountain.  Pretty much exactly what it looks like.

CJ and a stuffed Alpaca.

My Spanish teacher Julissa and me.
Brian, the director of Extreme and me this past Sunday night.

This is Megan and me.  Megan is one of my mentors who is a current 40/40.

This is Jessica.  She is also a current 40/40 and one of the ones training us.

Sammy and Patrick leading worship.

Learning the choreography for some of the kids songs.  This is Brenda, Sheena, David, and Heyner.

Our service this past Sunday night.  Good stuff.  Good worship.

This is little Fergie squeezing CJ’s face.  This picture cracks me up every time.

Volcano Misti.  We took a four hour bus tour of Arequipa a couple days ago and the following pictures are some of the sights.

Me with a statue.

Me with Chichani in the background.

Me with a creepy green stick person.

Me with a totem pole of some sort.

The parks here are gorgeous.

In the bus.  We got to sit on top of a double decker so we were so much higher than everyone else.

This lady let us take a picture with her pet hawk.

We were at the founder of Arequipa’s mansion which is now a museum.  So pretty.

Some field workers.

They posed for us to take pictures.

Alpaca.  Don’t make them mad by the way. They spit.

CJ on top of our double decker bus holding a doll that she bought from a lady also named Cristina.  The doll was entirely hand-made.


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