Wake Up Call

First of all, I just want to say that I do not handle free time well.  Many people have either criticized me or admonished me throughout my life for having such a busy schedule, but these last couple weeks have been pure proof that I was not made to have free time.  I become someone I do not want to be and that is:  lazy.  I have a tendency to be a TV junkie or a dreamaholic.  I could spend hours every day listening to music and dancing in my room.  Sounds stupid, I know.  That’s just the way I have always handled life.  Just ask my parents.
I woke up this morning at a fairly good time, and I decided that I was going to go back to sleep.  I wanted to catch up on as much sleep as possible before life became crazy again and I would be missing it.  When I went back to sleep, God gave me a dream that rocked my world.  If I told you the dream, you would probably laugh at me.  It was pretty stupid, but proved a deep point to me.  I woke up to numerous questions from God asking me to evaluate what that dream might mean.  It became all too clear very quickly and I realized that He was calling me out on some things in my life.
Here is the problem.  This subject has been an untouchable subject for me.  God can have everything else but this.  This is just a part of who I am and I can’t change.  Do you have any areas like that?  I’m not sure that I realized I had areas like that until this morning.  I feel like I am in boot camp in a lot of ways, because on the subject of personal responsibility, I could use a lot of work.  So many of my friends have this figured out and down to a tee.  I guess I’m just behind the game.  Oh well…I’ll get there.  It may take me longer, but I’ll get there.
I have the distinct feeling like God has a reason for calling this out in my life RIGHT NOW.  I have a feeling I know what it is too.  This scares me to death.  Sometimes I beg God for a sign as to why He is doing some of the things He is doing, and sometimes I wish He wouldn’t be so open with me.  However, He must think I can handle the truth.  I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.
Yesterday I heard a new song by Starfield.  I’m sure it’s been out for a while, but it’s a new radio station down here and I’m hearing some new stuff.  It’s called “Rediscover You” and it challenged me yesterday. Here are the lyrics:
I need to just admit
my faith is paper thin
I’m feeling so burned out
On religion

I say an empty prayer
I sing a tired song
I need to just admit that the passion’s gone

And I want to get it back

You told me
Look for You and I will find
So I’m here
Like I’m searching for the first time
Revive me, Jesus
Make this cold heart start to move
Help me rediscover You

I want to learn to pray
The way that David prayed
I want my soul to burn when I hear Your name
I want to feel like new
I want to hunger for you
Bring me back to life like only You can do
Cause I don’t want to stay the same

You told me
Look for You and I will find
So I’m here
Like I’m searching for the first time
Revive me, Jesus
Make this cold heart start to move
Help me rediscover You

Lord, I want to be Yours today
I want to know the passion of the saints
And how they were changed

You told me
Look for You and I will find
So I’m here
Like I’m searching for the first time
Revive me, Jesus
Make this cold heart start to move

I want to burn for You
Bring me back to life, Jesus
Help me rediscover You

Change can be good, especially when it’s God doing the changing.  However, I’m finding that change is not always pleasant or easy.  Sometimes I leave all the changing to God and I forget that I have an active part in that as well.  When I pray the prayer, “Lord, I want to rediscover You,” I’ve got to realize that the answer may involve dealing with some serious issues in my life.  Especially when it involves something that I’ve been doing (or in this case not doing) for a very long time, it is that much harder to change.  However, anything is possible with God, and I know that He would not ask of me something that was not possible for Him to do in me.
This morning I received a wake up call from God, and I am praying for the strength to follow through.  Is there a wake up call that God is trying to give to you?  How will you respond to Him today?

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