100th post: Things I Want To Do Before I Die

Here is the secret list that is finally made public!  Now you can all get on the insider’s info into the secret dreams of Chelsea Weber…here we go:

1.       Run a family orphanage
2.       Publish a book
3.       Get married
4.       Have children
5.       Be a freelance writer
6.       Have a side business in photography
7.       Be a part of Make a Wish in helping a child’s dream come true
8.       Live in Africa
9.       Witness a miracle
10.   Learn to speak Swahili
11.   Speak at a national women’s conference
12.   Run a foster home
13.   Meet Steven Curtis Chapman
14.   Ride a bike without pain
15.   Ride in a hot air balloon
16.   Go hang gliding
17.   Take a ‘round the world in 80 days tour
18.   Ride in a helicopter
19.   Walk through the catacombs in Rome
20.   Learn how to write calligraphy
21.   Go to a Switchfoot concert
22.   Go kayaking in Alaska
23.   Live on the east coast
24.   Go to a Lifehouse concert
25.   Sing background vocals for a famous person
26.   Wear a fancy dress to a fancy occasion (not my wedding)
27.   Spend the night outside in the country with someone and a telescope
28.   Go dancing with someone in the rain
29.   Go to a pirate LARP (Live Action Role Playing)
30.   Learn how to ride horses really well
31.   Learn how to fly a small airplane
32.   Take a riverboat ride at night
33.   Go on a sailboat ride
34.   Visit the Machu Picchu in Peru
35.   Go snorkeling with contacts
36.   Swim with dolphins
37.   Walk through an ancient castle
38.   Ride a jet ski
39.   See the Indian Ocean
40.   Hold a monkey
41.   Own a brightly colored jeep
42.   See the Grand Canyon
43.   Swing on a rope off a cliff into the water
44.   Climb into the bell tower of a really old church
45.   Go ballroom dancing
46.   Sing karaoke and not be embarrassed (July 1, 2011)
47.   Own a motorcycle and a license to drive it
48.   Sit on the beach alone at night with the man of my dreams
49.   Eat corn flavored Mexican ice cream
50.   Learn how to yodel
51.   Take a beginning mechanics course
52.   Get a Masters Degree

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