The Eternal Parent

Today I got two baby panther geckos.  I spent the whole evening trying to make sure that they were ok.  These babies are maybe an inch long right now…and will only get to be about six inches full-grown.  They are native to the African island of Madagascar.  I can’t get over how little they are.  They’re smaller than my pinkie!
When I got home, I realized that I didn’t have a water or food dish (weren’t included in the kit), and the pet store was already closed.  Well, mama can’t leave her babies without water or food.  I drove all the way into town and bought a thing of yogurt (for the container) and some fruits and veggies that I could cut up and put in the homemade food dish.  I spent significant time cutting them up and making sure everything was ok for them. 
As I was driving home in the middle of all of this, I thought to myself how kind of ridiculous this was.  I mean, these are two little lizards.  However, they were dependent on me.  I had to provide for them.  Just then, God reminded me of how desperately He cares and provides for us.  The Bible talks about God clothing the lilies of the field and feeding the sparrows.  If He cares so deeply for the flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow, how much more He must care for us!  How much every little need that we have must make Him alert and attentive!
If we take the time to think about it, we are all blessed beyond our wildest imaginations.  I have been thinking about that tonight.  I have a roof over my head, food to eat, friends and family that care for me, and so much more that it would bore you even to list.  God has truly provided so much.  How interesting it is that we often focus all our attention on the one thing that is not going well, instead of the hundred things that are going fantastically.  Like I am aware that my geckos need to eat, need warmth, and need water, God knows what we need before we ask Him.  He cares for us like an eternal parent, awake both night and day to not only hear our cry but also to provide for the needs that we may not even be aware of yet.  What an awesome God is He!

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