So Today…

Ok, lame title, I know.  I didn’t know what else to call it.
So today I made two major steps in my life.  I feel like I should share them with you.  So here they are.
1.       I bought a nice camera.  Actually I ordered it, so I don’t have it yet.  However, I made the first step in making my business in photography a reality.  Here is the plan.  In a month or two I am going to launch a website that will sell some of the nature photos that I will take.  I have been taking these kinds of photos for years, but now I will actually have a camera with enough megapixels that the pictures can be blown up and still look good.  This is part of my plan for paying off my student loans early.  I hate being in debt.  It drives me crazy nearly every waking moment.  This way, I will be doing something that I am passionate about and working towards doing something else that I am passionate about…and that happens to involve number 2 as well.  So here it is…
2.       I emailed the Global Orphan Project and told them that I would love to volunteer with their organization.  After researching them and praying about it for several weeks, I feel this is where God is leading me to spend my free time.  This organization is so incredible.  You can visit their website at and like them on Facebook.  Their store is pretty cool too…but don’t take my word for it, check it out.  It’s not necessarily what they sell…but their creativity in how they sell it.  I am very impressed with them.  So more updates in the future about this.  The passion and dream of my heart is to work with orphans and to give my life to their care, and this is my first major step toward that.  I’m so excited.
So this isn’t necessarily a brilliant blog, but more of an update on my life…at least today.  Please pray with me and journey with me.  I’m so excited to see what God will do in these next few months!

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