Summer With A Purpose

I am sharing this for two reasons.  First, accountability, and second to throw this out there in case anyone else would like to join me on this 3-month focus called Summer With A Purpose.  Not only will this summer focus on spiritual health (like always), but also physical health.  Here is my plan for May 15-August 15:

1.  Gym Membership-At least 1/2 hr. per day, 5 days a week.  (I am going to go right after work Monday-Friday)

2.  Healthy Eating-I have not yet chosen a diet plan, but the focus will be on what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, and eating several small meals a day.  When I find one that I like, then I will definitely post it (everyone has different needs).  Also, please feel free to share with all of us if you have one that you have found useful.

3.  Vitamins-I already do this, but here is what I take:  Vitamins D and C, Fish Oil, and Multivitamin.

4.  Sleep-8 hours per night, 5 days a week

5.  Sabbath-I have done significantly better lately with this, but there is still room for improvement.  One FULL day per week spent resting and regenerating, whatever that may be.

6.  Weekends-I am going to allow myself to slack on the weekends with eating and exercise.  I know myself, and I can’t be perfect all the time.  I will get burned out.  I want my weekends to be a time when I can crash (and babysit).

This is my plan for the next 3 months starting on the 15th.  Please join me in this season of health, as I will be sharing my thoughts regularly on this journey as well.  Please feel free to comment and dialogue about your journeys.  Let’s encourage each other!

For the record (and most women don’t share this, but I have no shame):  I’m at around 170 lbs. right now.  We’ll see where I’m at on August 15th.  =)


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