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So, a doctor put me on this diet a few years ago, and I did really well on it.  It didn’t fix things, but it sure helped a lot.  I hadn’t done it lately, because it was kind of a pain, but at the same time, I think worth it.  Copyright belongs to Enzyme Formulations, Inc. Madison, WI dated 1995, 2005

A Dietary Guide for Carbohydrate Intolerance

General Guidelines
-Eat fruit raw, without sugar or salt
-Lightly steam vegetables until slightly crunchy
-Limit processed sugar and artificial sugar substitutes such as aspartame and saccharin
-Limit processed foods, including fast food
-Limit foods that have been refined, preserved, colored, aged, and fumigated
-Limit overcooking, microwaving, or frying foods
-Limit foods that contain stimulants such as coffee, colas, and black teas
-Consume meat, fish, and poultry in moderation
-Moderate your intake of oils and fats; avoid trans fatty acids (trans fats) found in vegetable shortening, some margarines, and most processed foods

The designation of a choice as “acceptable” or “poor” is directly related to the protein, carbohydrate, and fat content of the item; acid and alkaline mineral content and glycemic index may also be considered.

Vegetables and Herbs
Acceptable choice:  Alfalfa sprouts, asparagus, beans (green and yellow), beets, beet greens, bok choy, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage (chinese red and white), carrots, cauliflower, celery, chives, collards, cucumbers, eggplant, endive, garlic, green onions, kale, kohlrabi, leafy greens, leeks, mushrooms, okra, onions, parsley, peppers (all), pickles, pumpkin, radishes, sauerkraut, spinach, squash (summer), swiss chard, turnips, water chestnuts, zucchini

Poor choice:  Artichokes, corn, green peas, olives, parsnips, potatoes (all), rutabaga, squash (winter), yams

Acceptable choice:  (Fresh fruits, fruits high in magnesium or potassium including) Apricots, Bananas, cantaloupe, kiwi, mangoes, mulberries

Poor choice:  Canned fruits, dried fruits, fruits with added sugar (like cranberry sauce)

Nuts and Seeds
Acceptable choice:  Raw nuts (soaked), Roasted nuts including:  Almonds, cashews, filbert, macadamia, peanuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts

Poor choice:  Nut butters, raw nuts (unsoaked) All raw nuts and seeds have enzymes that inhibit digestion

Acceptable choice:  Tempeh, tofu

Poor choice:  Baked beans, black beans, chickpeas, fava beans, kidney beans, lentils, lima beans, mung beans, navy beans, peanuts, peas (black-eyed), peas (green), pinto beans, soybeans (Legumes may be an acceptable choice if accompanied by appropriate enzymes)

Acceptable choice:  Chicken, cornish hen, duck, eggs, goose and wild goose, quail, turkey

Poor choice:  Organ meats, pates

(Choose meats reasonably low in fat.  Limit breaded, fried, and smoked meats.)
Acceptable choice:  Beef (lean ground), bison (lean), chipped beef (lean), chuck roast, elk (lean), emu, flank steak, lamb, ostrich, pork (no bacon or ham), rib roast, round steak, short ribs, sirloin steak, t-bone steak, tenderloin, veal, venison, wild game

Poor choice:  Bacon, beef sausage, bratwurst, brisket, canadian bacon, corned beef or hash, dried meats, frankfurters or hot dogs, ham, italian sausages, knockwurst, liverwurst/braunschweiger, lunch or deli meats, organ meats, pastrami, pepperoni, polish sausage, pork sausage, porterhouse steak, prosciutto, rabbit, salami

(Limit breaded or battered seafood.  Bake or broil witha  minimal amount of butter or oil.)
Acceptable choice:  Anchovies, bass, carp, catfish, caviar, clams, cod, crab, eel, flounder, frog legs, grouper, haddock, hake, halibut, herring, lobster, oysters, mackerel, mahi-mahi, perch, pike, red snapper, salmon, sardines, scallops, shrimp, snapper, sole, squid, tilapia, trout, tuna (light), walleye

Poor choice:  Abalone, snails (without butter), sturgeon

Grains, Flours, Cereals
(Limit serving sizes)
Acceptable choice:  Barley (pearl), bread (oat bran, light rye), bread (pita, whole grain), cereal (cold, bran, natural muesli), cereal (oatmeal), crackers (low fat, rye crispbread), english muffins (whole grain), flour (rye), kasha (buckwheat groats), muffin (low fat, bran), pasta (gluten free, whole grain), popcorn (plain), quinoa, rice bran, rice (brown)

Poor choice:  Bagel, bread (rice), cereal (cornflakes, cream of rice, cream of wheat, sweetened), crackers (graham), flour (buckwheat, cornmeal, potato, white, whole wheat), hominy grits, millet, pancakes, waffles, pretzels, rice cakes, rice (white), tortilla chips, tortilla (corn)

(Avoid soups with added sugar or salt)
Acceptable choice:  Beef stock (low fat), bouillon, broth (clear), chicken gumbo, chicken rice, chicken stock (low fat), gazpacho, minestrone, oyster stew, tomato, vegetable soups

Poor choice:  Beans and frankfurters, black bean, chili, clam chowder, creamy soups, lentil and ham, noodle soups, split pea and ham

Acceptable choice:  Fresh fruit and juices, fructose (natural), fruit juice sweetener, stevia

Poor choice:  Artificial sweeteners, fructose (artificial), honey, milk chocolate, molasses, powdered sugar, sugar (brown and white), syrup (maple)

(Limit dairy consumption) (All low-fat)
Acceptable choice:  Butter (small amount), buttermilk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream cheese, feta cheese, ghee, goat cheese, goat’s milk, kefir, milk (skim), mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, rice cheese, ricotta cheese, romano cheese, yogurt (plain), yogurt butter, yogurt cheese

Poor choice:  Chocolate milk, condensed milk, cream, dry milk, half and half, ice cream, processed cheese, sour cream, whey cheese, whipping cream, whole milk

Salad Dressings and Oils
(Use dressing sparingly.  Most low-fat dressings are acceptable.  Limit creamy salad dressing.)
Acceptable choice:  Almond oil, blue cheese, canola oil, cider vinegar, coconut oil, corn oil, french, italian, lemon juice, mayonnaise (low-fat), olive oil, russian, safflower oil, sesame oil, shortening, soybean oil, sunflower oil, thousand island, vinaigrettes, vinegar and oil

Poor choice:  Avocado oil

Acceptable choice:  Black tea (in moderation), flavored tea (unsweetened), fruit juice (unsweetened), green tea, herbal tea (unsweetened), rice milk (no carrageenan), soymilk, vegetable juice (unsweetened), water

Poor choice:  All alcoholic beverages, coffee, cola and diet drinks, fruit-flavored drinks with added sugar

(Limit condiments with added sugar and hydrogenated oils)
Acceptable choice:  Enchilada sauce, gravy, hallandaise, marinara sauce, mayonnaise, mustard, soy sauce, tartar sauce, tomato paste, tomato sauce (no salt), vinegar, white sauce

Poor choice:  Barbeque sauce, horseradish, jam, jelly, ketchup, marmalade, miso, worcestershire sauce


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