Crazy Love

One of my favorite quotes ever is this:  “I have loved to the point of madness, which to me is the only sensible way to love.” –Francois Sagon
To me, the phrase “crazy love” is redundant.  If you think about it, the whole idea of love is pretty crazy, at least the way God says to do it.
So what does crazy love mean in my life?  How am I living it out?  How should I be living it out?  I don’t know.
I want the things that I do and the way I live my life to be considered madness to most.  I don’t think I would feel like I was following God any other way.  But how do I get from here to there?
And how do I love the people in my life extraordinarily?  How do I live in such a way that by knowing me those around me will be empowered to follow Christ?  How do I draw so close to God that His very presence radiates in me?
I don’t know…but I’m gonna figure it out.

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