Break Me Down

Lord, I am going to be very brave today
I am going to ask you for something to be taken away
And that’s me.
If I could be bold to approach You
And ask You for something that You could only do
I would beg for one thing and one thing only:
Lord, break me down.
Tear apart the masks that I wear every day
Take away the blessings that I take for granted
I want to be firmly planted in You.
Break down the walls that surround my heart
Today I will seek a brand new start
Let nothing on earth matter to me more than You.
Shatter my selfishness and teach me to be humble
I want to love You with a pure heart
I want to give You everything inside of me
Please give me the courage to see the things in my life that do not please You.
Break me down.
Today I declare that nothing in my life matters to me but You.
I proclaim that You are my world and my all in all.
Let anything that stands in the way of Your work in my life
Be laid bare before the King of Kings.
Put me through the fire, cleanse me of everything unclean
Mold and shape me into the person that You alone created me to be.
Break down my preconceived notions of who You are and who I am
Show me the truth about myself and about You
Teach me that this life is not about me, and it is all about You.
Break me down.
Open my eyes to see Your hand at work all around me
In the lives of the people that surround me every day
Give me a heart to love the broken as You do
Suspend judgment in my heart as I walk among the people that You love
These people that You loved so much that You gave Your everything
That they might know You
How many ways do I assume a spiritual pedestal
Like I have reached the finish line of faith?
Show me my folly and my pride
Lord, break me down.
Show me the value of a moment, of an hour, of a day
Teach me to recognize opportunities and not let them slip away
Shine Your light on me and chase the darkness within me to the farthest corners of the earth.
You alone are my treasure, my love, my everything.
Take away all that is in my life that is not of You
Every thought, every action, every word, every sin, every deed, everything.
I ask in the name of Jesus,
Please break me down.

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