Lights in the Fog

About a week ago, I headed out to look at a basement that I thought about moving into.  I wasn’t able to go during the daytime, so I ended up driving a ways on the highway at night.  For some reason, there was a considerable amount of fog that night, and although it wasn’t impossible to drive on the way to the house, the intensity increased for the return trip.

This wasn’t just any fog.  I could barely see the front of my car.  Add to that a speed limit of 65 mph cars and deer habitat all around:  I was a little freaked out.  There comes a point when you can’t turn back.  You don’t even know which way is up.

As I was becoming a little overwhelmed, a miracle of miracles happened.  A car passed me on the left and I got the bright idea to follow it.  Maybe the car knew something I didn’t, for example, where the road was.  I sped up and kept my eyes on the lights, because believe me, that was the only thing I could see.  I figured, whatever happened, that car would encounter it first, whether it was a deer, another car, or the loch ness monster.  I had no idea who was driving the car, but I felt a lot safer behind him.

As I was driving, I started to think about my relationship with God.  I really feel like in some ways I am driving through a thick fog and I don’t even know which way is up.  A million dangers are out there all around and I can’t even figure out where the road is.  Then miracle of miracles, a car comes up beside me and invites me to follow Him.  However, this is no stranger.  This is my Jesus, my best friend, my everything.  All I can see are the lights of His car in front of me, and I have peace inside that whatever dangers will befall me, they must go through Him first.

Have you ever thought about that?  In Kerri Roberts’ song “No Matter What” she says, “Before a heartache can ever touch my life, it has to go through Your hands.”  I find HUGE comfort in that.  I am no longer driving aimlessly in the fog.  The driver in front of me really does know something that I don’t:  what’s ahead.

Some people ask, “Why doesn’t He just take the fog away?”  He could.  However, I’m not sure I want to know everything I came close to crashing into but avoided.  Someday the fog will lift, but until then I am so glad that I am following Someone who knows His way through the dense white darkness.  I trust in the heart of my best friend to lead me down the path of His will, and I will keep my eyes on His lights in the fog.


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